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  1. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - June 2021

    Member Spotlight June 2021 Favorite Fish Photo Let's take out that camera and get our little friends some Spotlight! This Month Member Spotlight contest will be "Favorite Fish Photo". The photo with the most Votes "Likes" Win! The PRIZE!!! $50 to Jason Fox Start posting your pictures...
  2. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - May 2021

    Member Spotlight May 2021 Nano and Pico FTS Alrighty, for all those Nano and Pico tanks out there. Let's see your FTS!!! This month we will dedicate 15 min of fame to you guys! Clean those glass and get those cameras out show us what you got. Please Note: Nano: 30 Gallon and under. Pico: 5...
  3. MARSH BoD


    Hello Supporting Members, Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and many others who have donated, we have received a number of gift cards to raffle off to help soften the blow of the circumstances over the last year or so. From the pandemic to the winter freeze and resulting power outages ...
  4. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - April 2021

    Member Spotlight April 2021 Engine Compartment let's see those Engine compartments! Sump, Fruge, Controller, Skimmer, Reactor, and so much more! Somehow you managed to fit them all inside that stand of yours! April category is Engine Compartment! Please post your picture in this thread...
  5. MARSH BoD

    April BINGO Night sponsored by Aquarium Design Group (ADG)

    SPONSORED BY Aquarium Design Group BINGO TIME AGAIN!! These bingo events are a big hit and who doesn’t like winning cool reef stuff. Aquarium Design Group (ADG) has offered to sponsor the event and help MARSH with a Neptune APEX for the Grand Prize! We will also have several other prizes to...
  6. MARSH BoD

    Do you clean your sand bed and what technique do you use?

    Do you clean your sand bed and what technique do you use? Curious to find out who REALLY cleans their sand bed and when you do what tools/techniques are you using. **** This is a poll question. To participate in the poll you will have to use your phones web browser or a computer. Tapatalk...
  7. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - March 2021

    Member Spotlight March 2021 REEFING LOSS This month we are totally going a different route. It's sad but it could be a good thing for the winner could help get a little something back in the tank. It's the DEAD CORAL or FISH contest. It would help if you describe what happened and how long...
  8. MARSH BoD

    Discuss Were you prepared for the freeze?

    Hey MARSH - Lets discuss the freeze event - Where you prepared for the freeze? The intent of this is to learn from each other. What worked and what didn't didn't. What would you do differently this time?
  9. MARSH BoD

    Grant Relief From Ice Storm Available

    Hello Members, There are many of you that have suffered losses during the freeze and resulting power outages. Several people and organization around the country and even one in Canada have reach out to MARSH with support. If you have suffered a loss and need help getting back on your feet we...
  10. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - February 2021

    Member Spotlight February 2021 Valentine Reef 💘💘💘 let's see those Valentine Reef: RED, PINK: Corals, FISH, Nems, Tanks, and even those lovers Hosting (Clownfish n Nems) and partners of the Sea! February category is Valentine Reef💘💘💘! Please post your picture in this thread, receives the...
  11. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - January 2021

    Member Spotlight January 2021 Favorite Non-Reef Cutest Pet Photo let's start the New Year off with a Photo dump of your Non-Reef Related pets! If you got another creature that wants a little attention please feel free to Dump it here! Clean that dusty camera and take the cutest shot ever...
  12. MARSH BoD

    February BINGO Night sponsored by City Pets

    SPONSORED BY CITY PETS Ready for another night of BINGO? Our last MARSH Bingo Night was a big hit with over 100 people signing up and the feedback was all positive. This time @citypets14 has offered to sponsor the event and help MARSH with a $600 Gift Card for the Grand Prize! We will also...
  13. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - December

    Member Spotlight Rainbow Coral and more! December 2020 This month's we are going with a Holiday theme of Rainbow colors Corals and more! Let's show off those LPS, SPS, Softies, Anemones, and Fish! If you got livestock that has multiple colors, please feel free to post it! Clean your glass...
  14. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - November

    Member Spotlight LPS Dominant Tank November 2020 This month's topic is LPS Dominated tanks! Let's show off those LPS tanks with those amazing colors and tenacles. We all got a favorite LPS in the tank, go ahead and post that picture. Clean your glass and get that dusty camera out or use...
  15. MARSH BoD

    Happy Holidays: Sign-up for a token of appreciation from MARSH

    As the weather cools & the winter holidays approach, the MARSH board would like to express our appreciation for your involvement & for your support of our reefing community. Thank you Supporting Members. 2020 has been an unusual year. We can't meet in-person & have our typical gatherings, so...
  16. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - October

    Member Spotlight October 2020 DIY Project Member Spotlight: This month's category is DIY (Do it Yourself). We all stumbled across a project for our fish tank from rock-work to fine-tuning something for your tank/sump/light/stand/water change/fish-food/etc. We love to show them off/hide...
  17. MARSH BoD

    October BINGO Night sponsored by FJW Aquarium

    SPONSORED BY FJW AQUARIUM Ready for another night of BINGO? Join us Thursday October 15th @ 7pm on Zoom for a fun evening of games and prizes. CLICK HERE to learn about a BONUS card & to start playing NOW RSVP & join us on Thurs October 15th on Zoom to play with all your cards We'll...
  18. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - September

    Member Spotlight September 2020 Favorite Fish Shot Corals! We all love/hate them, and love to show them off/hide them to avoid judgment! But for this month’s spotlight, we are going to highlight the lovely creatures that poop all over our corals, regardless of how they look! The...
  19. MARSH BoD

    Virtual Tank Tour: September 12th Discussion Thread

    MARSH Virtual Tank Tour Want to see some amazing corals & reef tanks WITHOUT leaving your home or even your couch? Join us on September 12th from noon-4pm for a LIVE VIRTUAL tank tour! We will host via the free Zoom app to showcase some of our community's amazing tanks. Ask questions, get...
  20. MARSH BoD

    Member Spotlight - August

    Member Spotlight: A fun and exciting new twist to the traditional Tank Of The Month. In this event, we will be seeking the best of the best. All you have to do is SUBMIT a photo according to the category of the month, get the most “likes" ( (y) ) , & you can win some amazing prizes! The...