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    For Sale Green with purple tip branching hammer coral and purple and green favia

    I have quite a few heads of bright green and purple tip branching hammer for sale. A couple of the pieces have 10+ heads. $25 per single head $20 per head for 3+ $15 per head for 5+ Purple and green favia about 6-8” around. $50.00 OBO
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    Want to Buy Bright scoly

    Looking for some nice scolys. Bleeding apple, reverse bleeding apple, warpaint, etc. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks
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    Want to Buy Yellow Torch

    Does anyone have any bright yellow torch? I have been seeing it online lately and it’s a very nice piece that I would like to get my hands on. Thanks
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    Want to Buy ORA Chips Acro and Tubbs Stellata

    Does anyone have these corals in the Houston area? Been looking for these for a little while now. Thanks
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    Decent saltwater store on the East Side of Houston

    Are there any good stores on the East side of town. I live past Baytown and I have to drive across Houston every time I need something. I wish there was something closer. We have a PETCO but there selection sucks. Thanks
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    Upgrading from a 90Gto a 180G and thinking of switching to LED.....any advice?

    I currently have a 90 gallon tech tank with a 6 bulb sunlight supply t5 setup and I am upgrading to a 180 gallon and have considered changing to led. It's a mixed reef predominately sps and I was thinking I would go with ecotech radion gen 2. Does anyone have any advice on this or experience?