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    Saw blade co cut acrylic plastic ??

    I am looking for a good saw blade (for 10" table saw) to cut acrylic. What would you recommand? Any saw blades (s) available at Lowes or HD which would not leave too many marks anh would not heat up the acrylic ? Thnk you. Merci beaucoup. Gracia . :-)
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    Blue-eyed cardinal ?

    Hi Dennis . Do you have these ? Please see attachment (photo by Tektite)
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    Wave Front Aquarium Makers ?

    Do you happen to know who make this wave front aquarium ? It ;s a 90-95G. I want to know wheither it can be repaired. Thanks for any info.
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    How to treat aitapsia and green hair algae ?

    I drove 40 miles to Cypress and found some very nice Tonga branche LR. Sadly, it is covered with thick, yards long green hair algae, ...well, more likely inches long :-)... anh HUGE aitapsia! The tank has been neglected for many long years! To drive that long in heavy traffic , I decided to get...
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    What can be done with this tank ?

    I wonder what can be done with this tank! How can I find out weither it can be repaired or not? It is my favorite tank, to trash it is really a waste. To make a short story long ..I checked on it, everything was ok, nice.. about 30 min or so later , the dogs barked hard, I went back check on it...
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    Petco aquarium sales ??

    I read somewhere in this forum that Petco is going to have a sale on aquariums for $1 per Gallon sometime at the end of August or at the beginning of Sept. Do we know more about the sale now ?? Thanks.
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    Auto Top Off

    This is not a new idea, and not mine either! I just get excited , my DIY "project" :-) Hope this would help someone . And a Big Thank You to everyone who had helped me (you know who you are :-) ) The cost : ! - 20 quart container at Walmart $5 2- Float valve on Ebay $5 + $3 for...
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    How to split o foxspawn ?

    Hello experts out there , I am thinking about to share this large, multi head foxspawn with another member but neither of us know how to split it or whether it could be done that way ?! Help, please
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    A Source for RO water in Sugar Land ?

    Anyone knows where to buy RO water in Sugar Land area ? Thank you.
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    My first salt water aquarium ..

    so, I am nervous :) 3 week new, 65 G, Glo T5 HO 39W white 39W blue, 6 lbs live fiji live rock, live sand, REna Filstar XP filter, 2 damsels haft blue haft yellow. I made a big mistake : used TAP water ! I wonder what steps should I take now to prevent an outbreak of algae ?? It would be a...
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    How to build a sump ?

    Hello DIY experts out there ... I am sure you get tired of anwering the same question over and over but there are 900 pages here and no search engine for each Forum, so please be patient ! I have a 29G glass aquarium, 30"L x 18" D x 12" W ...is it a good size for a sump? If so, then I would need...