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  1. karlmuth

    Soft coral ID

    Anyone want to take a guess as to the ID of this soft coral frag? I think it's some type of finger leather, but not too sure what it is.
  2. karlmuth

    32 gallon bio cube

    Hi all, After a 6 year break and a 1000 mile move I have gotten back into the hobby. I have downsized to the 32 biocube from a 120 gallon mixed reef. As of right now I'm still in the stocking phase fun part. What I have is a stock Coralie 32 gallon biocube. I've added 20 pounds of dry sand and...
  3. karlmuth

    Corallife 32 biocube

    I don't have much experience with this tank. I've it set up for 2 months. I'm still trying to work out a good lighting schedule. I've been out of the hobby for 5 years, and I know things have changed some. Right now I have the blues on for 12 hours , the middle setting on for 8 hours of that and...
  4. karlmuth

    60 gallon cube question

    Will a trigger system 20x20 sump fit in the stand? Is the tank drillable because i dont care for the corner overflow offered, i want a center overflow? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  5. karlmuth

    Posting photos

    How do i post photos from my phone? I have a samsung phone.
  6. karlmuth

    Just set up new pico tank

    Hi all, I am new here in the area again and on this group. Long story short I moved back the area after spending the 19 years in Illinois. With moving I had to take down and sell my tank off. Thanks to my sister as a Christmas gift she gave me a new tank. I decided go saltwater with it . It is...
  7. karlmuth

    20 gallon sump idea

    I have been planning out my next tank. The sump I was thinking of building is a 20 gallon instead of baffles I was thinking of 2 sheets of acrylic with holes drilled in it to allow water to pass through. It will be a simple 3 chamber design. What I need to know good idea or not?
  8. karlmuth

    New back to the hobby

    Hi all, I have just moved back to the area after being gone for a long time. I am planning on getting back into hobby. I had to sell off and get rid of my old set up. Now I have the fun of planning a new tank. I know that some technology has changed, but some things are the same. Some...