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    Thank You Reef Currents 2021!!!

    Really enjoyed the event, thank for putting it on! I just hated the parking as I’m not familiar with the area. Parking places I saw were either closed off or wasn’t open to public on weekends, I ended up parking somewhere underground and I wasn’t sure I was supposed to be there lol
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    Want to Buy Icecap 2K/4K gyre

    Looking for 2 controlled by 1 controller please
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    Want to Buy WTB: Protein Skimmer

    Looking for skimmer with smaller footprint
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    Want to Buy WTB Peppermint Shrimp

    Looking for a bigger sized peppermint shrimp.
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    Local Aquarium Seller - Southwest Side

    I thought I got a good deal from him. I don’t think he can change price on the actual aquarium but maybe can cut a deal on accessories
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    Local Aquarium Seller - Southwest Side

    planet aquarium? I got the whole setup from him too. He delivered and setup for me a couple weeks ago. Nice guy!
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    Local Aquarium Seller - Southwest Side

    that sucks man! Try Fishbowl n More in Pearland. They have tanks in store too
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    REEF CURRENTS 2021 - Free ICP Test to the first 350 through the doors

    I'm heading to this with my 2 kids. One of them is only 5 and so I only bought 2 tickets. I'm assuming my little one will be able to just come in with me right since it says children 12 and under are free?
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    clean chaeto is it really that important?

    Do you have more chaeto? I see you're in Katy so you're close to me :)
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    Blacking out back of tank

    You could do either tint or paint. I bought some cling on 5% tint and did that and when I changed my mind, I just peeled it off
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    I have Waterbox and they were helpful when I contacted customer service with some questions. There is usually a long wait to get specific tanks though but you can also check out The Fish Bowl and More in Pearland, as they usually have some in store. I know it can happen to any tank but I heard...
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    Recurring Payments

    Any way to cancel this? I only ordered 1 year and saw that I was automatically charged for another...I am out of the hobby and do not want this charge. Thanks
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    IM Nuvo 30 Skimmer Recommendation?

    So my tank is IM Nuvo 30...and I've been looking for a skimmer but can't decide on any. I wanted to stay away from both the old and new IM skimmers since I heard they are loud. What about Cad PLS-50, that any good? Or what do you guys recommend?
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    ParadizeCityz' IM Nuvo 30 Tank

    I've had this tank running for a few months now. Still getting things for it and still "setting" it up but most of the livestock was from an Aqueon Evolve 8 tank I had. But here are a few pictures...I will keep updating this thread. Anyone have a suggestion on a skimmer or do I even need...