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  1. fdr1220

    For Sale Live rock

    Live rock -about 50 lbs. mix of different types and sizes include some Tonga branch too. Includes a Marco purple small arch too 100.00 Took out of my 300 to give more room for swimming Txt 281-650-6009
  2. fdr1220

    Want to Buy Red planet

    Looking to buy some red planet coral. Text 281-650-6009
  3. fdr1220

    Bacterial bloom - Need Help

    I have 65 gal reef with 20 gal sump. I feed one cube of Mysis per day to the fish, have 6 and a handful of small frags. I have plenty of flow from my jeboa WP25, I have a good size skimmer running sucking up plenty of the dark skimate. Now its just tea colored and runs really wet. It just...