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  1. Mpolasek

    hello again, i think i have a paradox or bad info

    ok so i did some reading a while back and learned that Coraline algae appear when your tank is in good shape and can support some corals, yet recently i installed an. auto feeder which messed up my tanks cycle because it functioned without water changes and have good levels on everything before...
  2. Mpolasek

    hello again! Also as always can i get some help pls

    so its been a couple months since my tank collapsed and 7 fish died and left only 4 (foxface, cardinal fish, clownfish, and blenny and a crab) i stepped back and went to just having it stand and live and things have happened i broke a lid, have a algea bloom, tank now had a big coat of salt on...
  3. Mpolasek

    Rare sea slug washing up here in texas

    saw this and thought of this forum https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/09/us/blue-dragon-padre-island-national-seashore-trnd/index.html
  4. Mpolasek

    Help Its Something (renamed)

    ok so i got 5 cardinals about a month ago from fish schooler one had an eye infection and i treated till eye looked good then he died i did not see any marks or any rash or discolorization in the dead fish and my clownfish came down with what i think might be ich or flukes but I'm not sure since...
  5. Mpolasek

    What is this (weed or flower (keep or not))

    i found this about a month ago and thought it was neat since when i got these rocks there was only dead coral marks on the rocks now some mystery thing is on them but then it disappeared when i adjusted my rocks and lately has come back and it looks bigger and alive its black and has wavy little...
  6. Mpolasek

    tank or me

    ok so this is the 6th shrimp i have tried to settle in my tank i used to use the float and release acclimation method now i tried holding a bag over my shrimp for about an hour to drip acclimate and as always he dies in about 3 to 5 seconds i need to know if its my tank or me i cant get...
  7. Mpolasek

    drip acclimation valve? (just noticed major misspell)

    ok so im going to try one last time with shrimp and drip acclimate them and i need to build one but ive hit a wall when i look at lowes for drip nozzles i see so many and different types does anyone know what specific type is needed or do all work all im finding at places like home depot and...
  8. Mpolasek

    Pumps And Lights What To Get? (question not statement)

    so ive been planning ahead and i know i will need a new pump system and a light system if i want corals or anemones im currently looking at this for lights https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GFTQDQK/ref=twister_B00YTXD58I?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 and i have no idea what to get pump wise my current pump...
  9. Mpolasek

    FJW Skimmer Autopsy (resolved)

    ok so a while ago i got a skimmer from fjw and i think i just fried it i dont want to ask dennis since he's too nice and replaced a part last time, so anyone know if there is a way to fix the moter if i did fry it im going to open it up again but it makes no noise or bubbles when plugged in
  10. Mpolasek

    Need Help With Shrimp Acclimation And Care

    ok so i know i know im such a horrible shrimp owner that i could be classified as a serial killer but im trying so i have trouble with getting them into my tank and im wondering if anyone can help my mortality rate as of yesterday is 75 % so i need it badly
  11. Mpolasek

    Just thinking here, what about a tank bridge

    ok so i have acclimation issues and i thought about a tank bridge designed to share water between the two tanks so that their levels are the same yet nothing included copepods can get though or chemicals. so it would be something like a PVC pipe and i ould have in he middle a thin layer of resin...
  12. Mpolasek

    Anyone want some free peppermint shrimp (if they live)

    ok im going to Galveston tomorrow and im going to grab 5 peppermint shrimps to practice quartine, acclimation and transport since 2 of those have been big problems for me and also im going to be looking at then and if they all live i will have 4 extra would anyone want some of them if they make...
  13. Mpolasek

    Galveston fish (dont worry i know i cant catch or keep any i see)

    i was wondering if there was any unique or neat fish in Galveston to see or look at i know you can catch blennies and shrimps but anything else since i would be fun to know that the beaches have something neat to them
  14. Mpolasek

    Is This Light ANY Good?

    this came with my tank and i finally identifyed it and it says fresh water and is it any good for saltwater besides for light ( like not growing light but seeing light) here is the light...
  15. Mpolasek

    My 75 Gallon Tank (is this all i think it is?)

    ok so at the advice of counsel im now posting my tank stuff that is not a question in here and here is my entire setup. lots of pictures here of my two heaters, ba Baracus "peiter of fools"(my emerald crab), glub glub "destroyer of worlds" (my clownfish), eclipse "keeper of time" ((my...
  16. Mpolasek

    My Evil Experiment Is Working Mmmwwahahah

    so yesterday while getting some supplies from pet co i decided to get an emerald crab and a turbo snail and i did not name them even though i wanted and put them in the tank AND THEY ARE ALIVE. and if they live till Monday they get a title (like the other fish maybe "crusher of limbs" for the crab)
  17. Mpolasek

    done false alarm very sorry please delete

    ok ill be quick my damsel is showing the same symptoms of my angel fish before he died, loss of color, reclusive, and smaller eyes i believe this is an infection or they are sick if the tank environment was the problem he would of died first so am i right and if so what do i do and one other...
  18. Mpolasek

    Anyone know any good water testing services

    im doing hopefully my last ever copper test and i need a way to test the strips have failed so anyone know any places that test water
  19. Mpolasek

    So I Just Fed My Dog Fish Food

    when i had a rabbit we fed him vegetables and the dog never ate vegetables but when my mom fed the rabbit he would steal the vegetables and eat them. now that we no longer have a rabbit he no longer eats stuff like carrots, well just like 10 minutes ago when i was getting out the frozen fish...
  20. Mpolasek

    Fish autopsy (well best i can do)

    my Wyoming clownfish napkin "archduke of the seas" (all my fish have rpg style titles) died today after being transferred to my 75 gallons which were finalized yesterday, last night i added my 3 striped damsel in the tank and he did fine and he was ok this morning. i moved the rest of the fish...