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  1. Tangs

    Powder Blue Tang

    Has anybody ever had a powder blue tang? I have never had one and do not know what to expect if I ever get one. Are they the same care level as Yellow or Dori Tang? I can not just go out and get one like yous can. I have to keep an eye out for one on my London Ont. OR Kitchener OR Missisauga...
  2. Tangs

    Led Lights

    I hate this and you probably do to. Middle of the day and our led lights want to dim and go to blue light. Then try and reset them to full bright lighting is a pain. Does anybody know any tricks to do this? I have been told that depending on the model they can only be reset at certain...
  3. Tangs

    Save Naso Tang Nathan

    Hi there I got a pricy Naso Tang today. I have had them before a long time ago. I found that they only lived a few years so just gave up on them. But I am now using rodi water and a lot better water filtration so thought why not give it a shot. He has been in the tank for an hour and seems to...
  4. Tangs

    Is this a sponge?

    I happen to notice this today. It is in a part of the tank that does not get a lot of light. If it is a sponge that is thriving I might get one of those bright orange ones and have a sponge garden in the rain. I have never had luck with sponges before.
  5. Tangs


    I think I started this experiment last fall but forget the outcome so will try one more time. I am trying to reduce my nitrates. I have orange flower Isis all over my property. And they can live on not in salt water. As well I have not seen my pest yellow damsel around in a day or two. Will...
  6. Tangs

    Bypassing my metal water tank will it make my rodi filters last longer?

    I did a partial water change yesterday. I made the water then warmed up the 6 .. 5 gallon buckets. One at a time...It would be so much easier to just use hot water to make my rodi and dump it straight into the tank. But I am thinking that the hot water tank is like 12 years old and probably a...
  7. Tangs

    RO Water

    For past 6 months about I have started to do my partial water changes using bottled ro water then putting it through a di membrane. At 2 dollars can. For a big clear bottle it is a good deal. ..A month ago I got a ro membrane...so attached to a drinking water safe hose. But water will not...
  8. Tangs

    Plants to help lower nitrate

    Now that I have been retired for 6 months now I have the time to take this hobby bit more seriously. I am looking at ways to lower my nitrate level. I am now doing using Rodi water to do my partial water changes. I saved a 5 gallon bucket of water to do an experement. I have those super hardy...
  9. Tangs

    Water Conditioner

    Hey I am now using RO water. A store sells one of those big plastic containers for 2 can. which is around 1.50 u.s. to have it refilled. In the past I have been using Lake Huron charcoal filtered tap water. Question is do you think I should still be using a salt water conditioner? I am using...
  10. Tangs


    Ya sure it is great for your corals and invertebrates but what is it doing to your fish? Has anybody had any problems? I just had a death and suspect the iodine had something to do with it???? It was only week 2 of using it to spruce up my corals. RIP I used recommended dose.
  11. Tangs

    Mr Yellow Tang

    He has been huffing and puffing for like 2 weeks now and is weak,,,, He is upright swims around now and then but lacks energy no red spots has good colour. I do not have a quaranteen tank. Is he eating? probably not. Few days ago I started to added recommended amount iodine to the water...
  12. Tangs

    Emperor Angel

    Has anybody here ever had one? If so what did you feed him? I am feeding mine Tetra Colour along with cut up sea weed from the grocery store. I have had this juvenile for 14 months now and has doubled in size as a guess. But I am starting to think that this might not be enough nutrition. He...
  13. Tangs

    Are micro bubbles dangerous to marine life?

    I picked up a new hang on the back filter that also has a protein skimmer. Seems to me that red ..1 white stripe clown fish get bubble eye from this... from my years of experience. Then they die. I have reduced the amount of micro bubbles to as less as I can because they are also getting...
  14. Tangs

    Bristle Worms...To keep or not to keep

    Even though I recently got rid of my crushed coral I did keep lots of live rock in my 125. My Fish like to hide at night when they sleep and makes the tank look nice and interesting. Yesterday while doing a partial water change I got rid of 2 ugly bristle worms... yuckkkk. Then I did some...
  15. Tangs

    Is it a bebe starfish?

    I have at least 6 of these in my 125 tank. They look like wee bebe starfish. They have 5 or 6 arms each and are roughly a quarter of an inch wide... very light brown in colour.
  16. Tangs

    Moorish Idol

    I learned today to never have only one in your tank. I was at a marine coral reef store close to Niagara Canada today and saw 2 for sale. The owner told me they are fine as long as you have at least 2 in your tank. Just one then they will not eat the frozen food and die . The 2 he had...
  17. Tangs

    The Amazon

    Since 2008 the People of Norway have given 1.2 billion and the people of Germany 68 million to the Amazon Fund. Amazon rain forest produces 20% of the oxygen we breath and is called the lungs of the Earth. The Amazon fund helps preserve the forest from human destruction. Up to a couple of...
  18. Tangs

    can a 3 inch chocolate chip star fisg catch and eat my fish

    I like to mix things up a bit and was time for a change. For now I want nice fish and inverts.. I always liked star fish. It is sort of a chocolate chip it is brown with spikes being black at the ends on its body. It is moving faster than I thought it would in my tank.
  19. Tangs

    Care for my new Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

    I have had Adult Emperor Angelfish before but never a Junior. Up here they are less expensive than they were 15 years ago. And I could of got smaller and 20can. cheaper. If any one of you has had experience with caring for one I would like to hear from you. What are their favorite foods and...
  20. Tangs

    Alberta Canada

    Awesome place to visit Sent from my LG-M151 using Tapatalk