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  1. RickD

    Want to Buy Nano AIO

    Want to buy a a small Nano <. 14 gal for my QT tank
  2. RickD

    For Sale Tank tear down - Livestock

    Added a few more corals.
  3. RickD

    For Sale Tank tear down - Livestock

    Tearing one tank down so I can part Pair of sexy shrimp both females (sold) Green banded Goby (sold) 3 heads - Frilly Mushrooms (green tips) (sold) 17 heads - Neon green candy cane ($40) Quarter sized - Encrusting coral ($5)
  4. RickD

    Aquarium Grounding

    Same thing happened to me a week ago. I typically have towels on the ground to catch any spills, but this time I did not. I was shortest path to ground. My GFCI never tripped, but I got a nice jolt. I checked the stray current with my multimeter and pulled a plug one at a time - it was my...
  5. RickD

    Want to Buy ISO: Berghia Nudi

    Need just a couple of them.
  6. RickD

    For Sale Backup Battery

    Downsizing my server rack. Need to sell my UPS. $65
  7. RickD

    Tank shut down cleaning questions??????

    This is how we clean the salt chlorinator for saltwater pools. Every 2-3 months it will leave calcium deposits on the electrodes and usually use 1:4 ratio. Vinegar is very weak. Just use goggles and be sure to mix downwind.
  8. RickD

    Reef Cleaners?

    I got an order from them last week. They had a lot in stock a few weeks ago, everything was good except I was disappointed with the amount of visible pods. They aren't known for that, but I tried to see what they can deliver.
  9. RickD

    The Floor Joist Headache

    I know it's an older post, but I've used and endoscope (link) in the past just to give me a start. Drill a small hole on one end then use that to get an idea how the joists are running. Not sure how it would hold in saltwater, but it is water proof and small enough that I though about using it...
  10. RickD

    What’s your current ATO and what will you buy next?

    In my old setup the direct method was leaving RO unit in a timer and it was directly connected to an ATO which was my top off. The doser was also tied into the timer so I would dose kalk into the reservoir. It went this method because I didn’t want my ATO, that was dosed with kalk, to be...
  11. RickD

    What’s your current ATO and what will you buy next?

    At my previous house I did this, but didn't have a backup system in place and got my ceiling wet a few times. (tank was on the 2nd floor). In my new home, I was going to add the Tunze water valve (link) to this, but with two tanks I opted to use a reservoir. I do prefer the direct method to...
  12. RickD

    What’s your current ATO and what will you buy next?

    I had purchased a used unit, but i think they had it for five years and took the tank down for a 1/2 year before i purchased it Sensor was most likely a pulled cable, they are sealed with epoxy so you can’t resolder the wire.
  13. RickD

    What’s your current ATO and what will you buy next?

    Recently bought a Tunze Osmolator. I had a float valve. I love the Tunze and support is great. I have both models (3152 and 3155). I prefer the 3155. The 3152 in my QT and both 3155's in my other tanks. I had a sensor go out and and needed the firmware reprogrammed and Roger @ Tunze...
  14. RickD

    Recommendations for reef lights

    I run AI hydra 26 HD on my Nuvo 40g and Kessill A80 on my Nuvo 10G Cant beat the shimmer with the Kessil, although the wifi controller on the AI’s are pretty nice. The 40g is still on the new side; both tanks the corals are doing well. I don’t think you’ll go wrong with either one. Sent...
  15. RickD

    Running a DSB pros and cons

    The goal is have no gas exchange, 4” will give you a lot of layers. Again, if I had to do a DSB, then, i would do a remote DSB so in case i needed to clean it, the i could detach and clean it and you don’t have to worry about the critters inside mixing it up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. RickD

    Running a DSB pros and cons

    Prior to getting back into the hobby, i had a DSB and opted to go without one this time. This is mainly do because in the 5 years I was away, reef keeping has evolved and there are more innovative ways to the solution and I was more focused on a building a balanced ecosystem. If I was ever to...
  17. RickD

    Swimming pool reef

    Yes, I owned a saltwater pool for 10 years. Correct, PH and ALK were important element to keep track of. A lower PH is always needed to allow a salt chlorinator to produce the chlorine. Rain actually made the PH go higher and I would have to control it by adding my acid and testing the...
  18. RickD

    Swimming pool reef

    think if you live in a cooler climate it can be done. Now it would be interesting if you lived near the water. You can probably plumb it and use the water to cool down your pool reef. That's what Microsoft is using to cool down data centers. Microsoft finds underwater datacenters are...
  19. RickD

    Swimming pool reef

    Sounds fun and I thought about it when I had a pool, but I would think the cost of maintaining, temp control, algae control in Houston (unless it's indoors), you'd make out better with a dive trip every year, also get a nice TS downpour and your salt will go out of whack. I'd have to charge...
  20. RickD

    Running a DSB pros and cons

    I run my sand (Fiji Pink) about 2", but my pistol shrimp likes to move sand everywhere and sometimes he builds up 3" piles along the rock and the glass, but he is never satisfied so two days later, he tears it down. I know for sure the detritus is getting trapped, so I typically siphon the...