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    For those looking for an Underwater Camera

    Some new ones from underwater
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    For Sale Breaking it down

    I will take the 3 zoa colonies
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    For Sale SPS Pack

    If you are into SPS one of the reefers to get it from
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    Want to Buy Lights wavemaker and skimmer please help.

    message me I got ya covered
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    anyone have experience with the Atlantik iCon LED lights

    Planning out a new tank and wondering about these for new tank. Thanks
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    Coral liquidation (moved off topic comments)

    Anytime. Congrats on graduating.
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    Coral liquidation (moved off topic comments)

    Wow, Met Wyatt 14 months ago good dude and def gives good deals. Shame someone turns hair algae into that. New times I guess.
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    For those looking for an Underwater Camera

    It's a camera versus a phone camera. You would have to look at specs of each camera to see what's what. Personally, a $400 camera designed for underwater use vs $1000+ phone makes more sense to me.
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    For those looking for an Underwater Camera

    Couple more
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    For those looking for an Underwater Camera

    Still getting hang of it but it's pretty cool
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    For those looking for an Underwater Camera

    I bought the Olympus Tough TS - 6 and it is pretty cool to take pics with. The PICS I am posting are some of my zoa colonies. There is no filter on these, just using underwater mode on camera and using a setting for adjusting white balance to underwater, shallow, med or deep depth
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    Hanna Checkers

    Calcium easy too, just another step and deionized water step.
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    Hanna Checkers

    It's 10 ml water insert then 1 ml of reagent insert and done. Easy peasy
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    Hanna Checkers

    Or like when I didn't get all the foil off the alkalinity reagent, saw it hanging on and forgot it was attached, pulled it and spilt all of it, hadn't even done a test. A few f bombs might have been yelled. Might have gone scanners and have my head explode if I got to last step on a nitrate...
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    Hanna Checkers

    Yeah someone gave me one for a trade of a purple monster frag. I see why. Still havent tried it. Like all the other ones I have(calcium, alk, phosphate, salinity and soon the ph meter)
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    I hate aptasia

    I put mine in and 4 weeks into it, I was like WTF. That next week everytime I looked at the tank, they were disappearing. Couple of weeks into it, they were gone.
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    Live worms

    I bought some on amazon and had 2 cultures until the flies found their way into the mix. They got flushed real quick, but the fish did love em.
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    Dead 6 line wrasse

    my yellow coriss wrasse has some lesions on its sides today. Purple and Tominni seem to be prime suspects.