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  1. rrr757

    Giving Away WTB - Apex Display

    Looking for an apex display to work with an apex jr I recently bought. Need to configure it to get it on my network.
  2. rrr757

    Ideas on sump modification

    Hi All, I want to create an area for filter floss, I dont like the ones where you put it in the cup. I am limited on space therefore either I buy a fiji advanced 20 sump or modify my existing sump by adding something like the fiij that takes the water then overflows to a filter floss section...
  3. rrr757

    Another light question/help needed

    Hello everyone, I have my tank up and running. I have 2 AI SOL whites (2white and 1 blue per puck). Its a 10K look but looking to add some supplemental lights. Option is to add more LED's Thinking Royal Blues and not sure what other colors (red/green/neutral white) - a 12-20 led system from...
  4. rrr757

    Bleaching Dead/Pukani Rock question

    I got dry pukani from a local reefer. Was sitting outside. I will be setting up my tank soon (lots still left, lol). Question on bleaching how long should I let it soak in 1:10 or 2:20ish bleach/water ratio? Some people say 1-2 days, others say go a bit stronger and several hours, etc. I am...
  5. rrr757

    Russ @ Buckeye Hydo is awesome

    I can't say enough about Russ and the time he took to explain everything about what I wanted to do, what i did and didn't need. How to save on some stuff, etc. I can't wait to order everything but I just wanted to say Thank You for the great customer service. I plan to use Russ for everything I...
  6. rrr757

    CAD light versa series experience-looking to get back in.

    Hi all not sure any of you all remember me but getting back into the hobby. Wife ok'ed me getting a tank. Problem is limited on space. Requirements are up to 32 inches width and 19-20 inches depth. I was looking at the cad lights versa 42 gallon. Seeing if you all had any experience or have...
  7. rrr757

    Electrical help needed.

    So my current location does not have a plug outlet where the fish tank stand will go. So I was wondering if any of the 2 options would work? 1. Run a 12 foot extension cord with Gucci protection from the nearest outlet to a power strip not sure if this is ok or a hazard? 2. I have a light...
  8. rrr757

    Anyone with LED's from AquaStyle

    Getting back in to reefing... Gotta biocube 29 the other day from petsmart for $150. Was looking at this kit to retrofit in the current hood Aquarium 24 LEDs Dimmable DIY LED kit with optics Anyone used these LED's comments/concerns. Was going to go with the meanwell P drivers to hook up to...
  9. rrr757

    Help needed with Acrylic Tank reconstruction

    Hi all, I live in northwest houston near copperfield. Was wondering if anyone had some advice and materials that they want to sell cause they dont need it. I got out of the hobby about 3 years ago due to new kiddo's. I think I am ready to start back again with an older nano tank that I kept...
  10. rrr757

    One year in pictures of my custom tank

    Thanks to everyone who has traded frags with me. Here are some links to past posts of the tank. Just Cycling http://www.marshreef.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=14263&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight= About 3 months in...
  11. rrr757

    True Green Carpets at Fishland

    Just went to fishland a little while ago. Awesome xtra-large nice true green carpets. They had four about an hour ago really healthy. They are out of the true blues though. Just an fyi if anyone was looking for them Thanks Mickey
  12. rrr757

    Updated tank pictures 3-4 months in

    Hi everyone, here are some pictures of my tank so far. Everything is doing great. Thanks to everyone on Marsh that sold me some stuff. I was messing around with my pos camera. I will get the hang of it one day. Let me know what you all think. Sorry about the links, i cant get to my webserver...
  13. rrr757

    MH bulb help

    Ok, I need some help with my mh system. Looking to get a spare/backup/replacement MH bulb. I currently have a csl prism pendant MH PC system. Its 250 watt MH bulb with like 64 watt pc lights. I dont know what type of bulb i can get, all i know is that it is single ended. Its an older black...
  14. rrr757

    rrr757's tank progress

    Ok, i will use this thread from now on to update pictures. Past information is on this thread New additions a couple of snails and hermits till i get the rest from Leslea ;) Before they started cleaning, also small but there are my zoo and candy cane frags Candy Cane getting settled in...
  15. rrr757

    My Custom Tank is finally Cycling

    Hi all, just wanted to post some pictures of my tank, and the progress so far, under the cabinet is a mess, but since i am not a DYI type of person, its ghetto fabulous. Let me know what you think, and also after i put the sand in, the water has slowly started clearing, but do you know about...