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  1. Ostentum

    Semi Emergency Need CO2 tank with gas tonight

    Ran out of co2 both tanks are empty and I can’t get a refill till the morning at 8am. Anyone have some on the Northside of town. Shoot me a text 281-467-3460
  2. Ostentum

    Neptune Sky

    Just bought the sky so I will do a video when I get home tonight on that note who wants to bring me a par meter this weekend
  3. Ostentum

    Another build lol.

    Sneak preview of a tank to go along with the 375g
  4. Ostentum

    Finally ready to reveal my new build. 375g Barebottom to be SPS Dominate

    So I bought this tank back on Easter and it’s really just been sitting there collecting dust. So here is the progress so far. All of the equipment has been purchased except a calcium reactor an apex a couple of extra power heads and maybe even an alkatronic. I started to dump salt in last night...
  5. Ostentum


    Does anyone have a coral band saw I can borrow for a day or two to cut some sps
  6. Ostentum

    Building my sps monster

    So I recently purchased a 96x32x28 acrylic tank. Equipment List: 48" PM pro sump 57w AquaUV sterilizer Royal Exclusiv vertex Alpha 250 skimmer maybe my Reeflo Orca Pro 250 haven't decided yet Vectra L1 return Vectra L1 closed loop 2x Gyre 250 one on each end 2x 36" aquatic life Hybrid T5 4x...
  7. Ostentum

    Recommendations for T5 Bulbs

    So I just bought a Red Sea Max with a 10bulb T5 setup. What bulb combo would you all recommend for a SPS dominated 20k look.
  8. Ostentum

    Calcium Reactor Media

    So what is everyone using. I have maybe 3 months left of the Rowalith C+ which was a magnium blended media for the calcium reactor. I use a deltec which is a fluidized reactor. Since they dont make the Rowalith anymore I am in search of a new media or blend of media.
  9. Ostentum

    Need recommendations on Fish for a 60 cube

    I was thinking a tiny Chevron and some borbonius to go with the 2 mated clownfish. Thoughts? Recommendations? I dont want to hear it from the tang police that the Chevron will outgrow the tank I know that and I have a 300+ in the works once I find the new house. And GO!
  10. Ostentum

    Anyone available on the South Side to help move a tank

    So I am going to try and move my 260g to storage this weekend so need 3 people or so to help. Please let me know if you can and I will get it all planned. Shouldnt take too long it will be empty so we will just need to move stuff on to the truck and off the truck. Also its acrylic so 2-3 for the...
  11. Ostentum

    So I ordered an Apex

    So I decided that I would ditch the Reef Keeper elite and go for an Apex. So my question is, who wants to come over and program it for me :). Plus you will probably see a used RKE up for sale in the near future once said Apex arrives in the mail.
  12. Ostentum

    Triton test kits

    Dennis were you able to get them out in the mail for me?
  13. Ostentum

    Ac recommendations

    So looks like I need a new unit. Any recommendations for companies?
  14. Ostentum

    Rodi hose adapter

    Anyone know where I can find one locally. My lawn guy ran mine over with the mower
  15. Ostentum

    So who wants to make the first aquarium with plywood and this stuff

    Someone Invented Magic And It Is Freaking Us Out | Junkee Also what would your project be with this?
  16. Ostentum

    What am I missing here Alk rising

    So, over the past couple weeks my alkalinity has been creeping up, but my coral load has increased. Calicum is at 450 mag is around 1600, alk has risen from 9.25-10.64. I took the Calcium reactor offline when it started to creep up. The only difference in the tank is the addition of Reef...
  17. Ostentum

    DFWMAS Frag Swap

    Is anyone interested in car pooling and making a day trip to Dallas DFW Marine Aquarium Society ? View topic - SUMMER FRAG SWAP IS HERE!!
  18. Ostentum

    Seneye Reef Monitor

    So I picked up a new toy, once it gets in I will provide a full review. Looks like an interesting device and I am looking forward to additional addons in the future. Post your reviews if you have one seneye Reef - seneye
  19. Ostentum

    Aquarium Thoughts- Would it work,

    So as I was floating around in my friends above the ground pool a thought hit. What about turning one of these bad boys into a saltwater aquarium. What do you think the water temp would get up to during the summer? Do you think this would work. Might be an interesting idea, would be cool for...
  20. Ostentum

    Fauna Marin reef vitality

    Do you by chance have this product? If not could you get it. Pm me a price if you can. Thanks