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  1. SCUBAFreaky

    RODI DI Resin beds, how many stages do you use?

    I am contemplating going from a single DI Resin bed to a triple set up with separate Anion and Cation beds along with a final mixed resin bed. How many DI Resin bed stages do you run and why?
  2. SCUBAFreaky

    Did I kill 6 of my fish due to bad RODI Water??

    I got super busy with work over the summer to the point where my work-life balance was heavily off. As such, my tank got neglected. My corals were starting to show signs of unhappiness so I did a 25% water change (first H2O change since May) and tested my water. Calcium was super low and...
  3. SCUBAFreaky

    Wild Zoas in Bora Bora

    I don't know how many times I've looked at this picture...and never noticed the zoas in the background. I have a handful of dive pictures that rotate through every 15 minutes as my computer background screen. When I was working from home for 2 years and just had my laptop, I never really got...
  4. SCUBAFreaky

    Apex/VorTech Help/Questions

    At the end of last year I picked up two VorTech MP10 Quiet Drive pumps from a fellow MARSHian. Due to the holidays and a busy schedule the pumps ended up in a box in the back of my aquarium closet. Now I'm ready to use my MP10s and I also want to use my Apex to control their features. As far...
  5. SCUBAFreaky

    Which Test is Correct...and Who do you trust?

    I've been wanting/needing to post this for a while. For a year now I've been fighting some sort of water chemistry issue. Not sure if there's something in my tank water that is bad...or if there is something that is missing that my corals need. I lost 37 zoa colonies and a handful of LPS last...
  6. SCUBAFreaky

    T5 Bulb LED Replacement?

    I've been tasked a project at my church to replace many of the T12 fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs due to many of the ballasts have burned out. You essentially bypass or cut out the ballast (electrically) for the fluorescent bulb and wire the LED directly to 120V using the same fixture and...
  7. SCUBAFreaky

    Low pH?

    To my horror I recently discovered that my pH probe had slowly drifted high by 0.5 pH. I have an Apex with a single junction BRS probe. I recalibrated the probe but now I'm stumped that my pH daily range is 7.8 to 8.0 instead of the target 8.1 to 8.3 that I thought I was maintaining. I run...
  8. SCUBAFreaky

    Hydra 32 vs. XR15?

    I apparently burned out both of my 150 watt metal halide ballasts with a bad bulb. Never had that happen before. I'm taking this as a sign to FINALLY switch over to LEDs. I am currently using a 48" IceCap Reef Illuminations fixture that has 2 T5s in it and I also added a single 48" Reef Brite...
  9. SCUBAFreaky

    Metal Halide Issue

    I've been running a pair of 150 watt HQI double ended bulbs on new electronic ballasts for about 10 months. One of the bulbs stopped working a few days ago. Today, I swapped the bulbs to see if it is a burned out bulb or a prematurely failed ballast. When the fixture turned on with the...
  10. SCUBAFreaky

    Brightwell Purit?

    Has anyone ever used this product before? Curious how it worked for you and if you were using it to remove something specific. I am very close to throwing a bag of it in my sump to see if it helps to improve what's going on with my tank.
  11. SCUBAFreaky

    ICP-OES Test Kits, who uses them on regular basis?

    Just curious, after a discussion about trace elements and Iodine specifically, who all has an ICP-OES test done on a regular basis? How often is a regular basis for you? Which test kit (company) do you use? What problems have they helped you solve specifically?
  12. SCUBAFreaky

    Zoas in Trouble, Please Make Suggestions

    Howdy! I think I have several issues going on with my tank including a water chemistry issue, but I'll cover the chemistry issue in a separate thread. But something is killing my zoas. Here is a pic from 2 months ago of 3 of the 4 zoa colonies on this one rock. It was the only pic I could...
  13. SCUBAFreaky

    Diving with Anthias

    I changed my avatar pic today to make it look I was diving with a pilgrim hat on. Because the pic was cropped so much you lose sight of just how many anthias were above this coral head. I think I stayed at this formation for almost 5 minutes. It was so peaceful to watch ALL of these anthias...
  14. SCUBAFreaky

    BRS Sale Today Plus Free Money

    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this but BRS has many items for 10% off today. But the big news is that they are also randomly giving away $20,000 worth of gift certificates today as well. So if you have some stuff just sitting in your shopping cart, today might be the day to...
  15. SCUBAFreaky

    Topic Marin Salt Mixes

    I know many of you think that Tropic Marin salt is too expensive. I hear ya, but I still like using it. So this post is really for the folks that use the Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Salt Mix or have been considering testing it out. The last time I bought salt I ended up making the mistake of buying...
  16. SCUBAFreaky

    Candy Cane Coral in Trouble

    A little over a week ago 2 of my candy canes colonies stopped inflating during the day and began to show their skeletons. I have 5 different candy cane colonies and eventually all 5 have started showing the same symptoms. For about a month now I've gone from once a month water changes to weekly...
  17. SCUBAFreaky

    It's Here!!

    Got this in today! So excited!!
  18. SCUBAFreaky

    Nutramar Ova Prawn Roe

    Hi Dennis, is this a frozen fish food product that you carry? If not, do you carry any sort of fish roe?
  19. SCUBAFreaky

    Injury or Disease? - Please Help!

    I received four new fish from Live Aquaria on Thursday. Even though I introduced the fish with the lights off, my 2 damsels (Bonnie and Clyde) beat the crude out of all of the new comers for a few hours. By Friday, the damsels had stopped doing that and accepted the new inhabitants. I was...
  20. SCUBAFreaky

    72g Bowfront (re)Build- I've Got Green Mushrooms!

    This is my tank when the pandemic started back in March. It's not an awesome FTS but you can get an idea of what I was starting with. LOTS of green bumpy mushrooms!! Lots of them. I've been wanting to post my tank (re)build thread for a while now. I started my first reef tank in 1995...