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    Make nano tanks great again

    Since this wensite hasn’t really had much activity on the nano/pico section.i was thinking why not start a thread about nano tanks. So share your equipment and picture of your nano tanks here. I have an Aquatop 24G AIO. Everything is stock. An a current usa pump for circulation. Thank you...
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    Wtb frogspawn and elegance corals

    Looking for nice frogspawn and elegance coral. Name your price
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    Wtb euphyllias

    Hello all, i just finished cycling my new tank and i am looking to buy a few colonies of frogspawn, torches and hammers. If anyone has any frags or colonies they want to part with. Please let me know. Thank you!
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    Looking for Radion xr30 or hydra 26s

    Looking for an used or new radion xr30 or hydra 26. Looking to upgrade the lifht on my current set up
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    looking for a 75g to 150g tank. preferrably pre-drilled for sump.

    just moved to Houston from jersey. looking for a 75g to 150g tank for my new home. if anyone is selling one please let me know.