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  1. Cody


    Gotcha. Are you going to try one out?
  2. Cody


    Y'all went?! I had to work otherwise I would have been there. Did you get to see it? And yeah, I've heard rumors about that too. I will get one upon release, and if it works, then I'll get a second so both systems have one. I've been talking for years about how revolutionary a reliable...
  3. Cody

    Lightining options from budget to rich man folk

    Ah ok. I just understood the disco effect to be color that’s not blended well. Kinda like a disco ball shooting light all over the place instead of a general glow.
  4. Cody


    It will be a while before that is available, but I get it. It probably won’t be cheap. Where did you hear those prices? I will try one and see if it works well. If it does then I’ll get one for my secondary system as well, but I will definitely approach it with a little hesitation at first. I’m...
  5. Cody


    I’ll lay on the puddle so you can walk over haha I’m all in on trying one of these outs.
  6. Cody


    I’m so excited for this to come out!!! If this works then it really will make reefing easy!!!
  7. Cody

    Lightining options from budget to rich man folk

    What do you mean the Kessils have a disco effect? I thought the understood meaning of "disco effect" was different color diodes not blending together, hence the multicolored bands of light you see on the sand. The Kessils blend everything perfectly for a nice, natural shimmer.
  8. Cody

    Giving Away Chaeto looking for some

    If you make the trek up north then I can give you a handful. I'm in the Spring/Woodlands area though.
  9. Cody

    What do you wanna learn about

    Yeah folks have all got a 20-30% pay cut the last few years due to inflation, so saving money where you can is important. Push come to shove, this a luxury hobby, but you don't want to see enthusiastic members leave our community without them wanting to.
  10. Cody

    What do you wanna learn about

    I have spent a lot of time learning by trial and error on how to take great pics and build things. I would love to share what knowledge I have on these issues, but I'm sure there are some better pros out there that maybe would could get to talk on the subject matter. The reason Brandon is asking...
  11. Cody

    Looking for an Apex coding guru

    Out of curiosity, whatcha turning off and on at such a specific time with that there Apex?
  12. Cody

    For Sale Fiji-20 Advanced Reef Sump - $150 OBO

    That's a really well done picture! It looks like something you'd see in a catalogue!
  13. Cody

    For Sale Live rocks (Live stocks all gone)

    Dang. Can't believe I missed that green monti cap! I've been on the hunt for one this size!
  14. Cody

    New Salifert Calcium Test?

    Anyone else having issues with their new test kits? They say the water is supposed to turn pink but mine never does. There seems to be one less reagent and step in this new system. The old one was the gold standard in my opinion, but I have no idea about this new one.
  15. Cody

    My 300 to 294 build and fish room

    Gotcha. Well, that sucks. I wonder sometimes if I would like to hear corals and fish talk. Yes, they could tell you what's wrong. Also, they would probably never shut up haha
  16. Cody

    calcium reactor problems

    The ones I made are based off their general design. I can normally find a way to improve most things, but I found very little room for improvement with their current model.
  17. Cody

    Lightining options from budget to rich man folk

    I'll stand by my Vipraspectras until a similar option comes along that can ramp. Then again, I have modified my LED configuration to make them bluer and have tried to get the Apex to ramp them, but haven't figured out that last step. Outside that, I'm a big fan of them. As far as what's the...
  18. Cody

    My 300 to 294 build and fish room

    I wonder what caused that. Any ideas?
  19. Cody


    When in doubt, I just replace the heater. There are too many things that can go wrong when it comes to them, and you can never have enough backup plans.
  20. Cody

    Green Mile Lithophyllon

    Is the aiptasia touching the coral? What are your nitrates and phosphates?