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    blue clove polyps

    There was some discussion on how to eradicate these. Did anyone come up with a viable option?
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    For Sale full sump set up

    up to 350 gal. sump, skimmer, pump, $550
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    For Sale 250 gal vat

    saltwater mixing tank $125
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    For Sale artic chiller

    runs great $250 up to 350 gal
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    For Sale Starting my black friday

    Nice beginner pack 12 for a $100. sps, zoas and more. Do this every year and sent away a lot of happy reefers.
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    free freshwater fish

    large pacu 6 to 7 inches, large Plecostomus and some ciclids Beaumont area pm me if interested. free free free
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    For Sale Haddoni red carpet

    This is a very large beautiful red carpet in my tank for more than a year. The first month in captivity for these is critical. this one is totally tank acclimated. In only a 90 gal tank and has never bothered any fish. $700 opens up even bigger when the nems aren't around him
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    For Sale Zebra eels

    large one black and white 1 brown and white. have had for 2 years. They only eat shrimp and don't bother any fish. The pr is $200
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    For Sale Haddoni Carpet

    Have had for 2 years never bothered any fish. red and large. $700 only opened hallway in the pic
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    For Sale Artic chiller

    For up to 350 gal reef $250
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    Free online posting

    Sales for non members will be limited in the future to twice a year. If you desire to post more we welcome you to join the club. What a great deal free posting for a year on a site full of buyers.
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    Bayer advanced

    All I see in the stores now is the bayer bio advanced. It definitely kills fish as it killed a number of mine. Has anyone used this without harm to their tanks. Maybe rinsing or soaking?
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    New bryopsis cure

    Reading an article today, author claimed that Hydrat-t works just like the old teck m in whipping out bryopsis. Teck m really did the job before changing their formula.
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    new tang

    Really couldn't afford this this month, new tank and all but to good a deal to pass up. Hope its works out. pigging out after 2 hrs. Usually a good sign.
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    Latest attempt

    My new tank up and cycling this morning. busy for the next few day but will start setting it up on Monday.
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    Its a disssaster

    Was finishing off transferring all the remaining fish I wanted in the new tank. Admiring how everything looked was really happy. Wife says dinner is ready so I go in and eat. I come out and there is water on the floor and it was a worse case scenario. The seem split on the bottom and its leaking...
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    gem tangs

    Live aquaria has gem tangs for $679
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    Who be eating my corals

    Been noticing this last week one particular coral was getting munched on regularly. surveillance did not result in discovering the culprit. !1.30 tonight go out to my shed, lo and behold big ole rock crab munching on sps. He was very confident didn't even run. He held on to that coral for dear...
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    aquarium magnets

    Anyone use an algae magnet for 3/4 glass that they absolutely love.