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  1. Rio1969

    Sick Regal Angel Fish

    Anyone know what could be the problem? I found hiding under the rocks almost dead. Her fins are quite ragged.
  2. Rio1969

    Gem Tang with Ich

    My Gem Tang has Ich, I had started treating her with CP yesterday so I am not worried about the Ich. She has also been treated with Prazipro prior to starting the CP treatment. What I am concerned about is the light marks on both sides of her body as you can see in the attached photos. Anyone...
  3. Rio1969

    Fish Trap

    Anyone have a fish trap that I can borrow? I would like to remove 2 clown fish from my tank.
  4. Rio1969

    New Family Member

    I picked up this little gem today. Is it okay to treat a Gem Tang with CP?
  5. Rio1969

    New Addition to Tank

    Just added this little fellow to the tank this morning. None of his tanks mates are paying any attention to him.
  6. Rio1969

    ICP Test Result

    Here is my ICP test result: I am currently running my AWC pump continuously to reduce the Iodine and am using Clorox Phosphate remover to reduce the Phosphorus.
  7. Rio1969

    Hitchhiker - Friend or Foe?

    I found this anemone on a frag I purchased from a LFS, is it a friend or foe?
  8. Rio1969

    New Toy

    Here is what the UPS guy delivered for me today.
  9. Rio1969

    Cement or Glue for Live Rock

    What are you guys using for gluing live rock under water? Is E-Marco-400 the best choice?
  10. Rio1969

    Started Filling my 279G Tank

    Started filling my 279g tank last night. Right now it is about 1/4 full.
  11. Rio1969

    New Sohal Tang

    Here is the latest addition to my Tang family. He is currently in a 29g QT.
  12. Rio1969

    Company to Move a Large Aquarium Across Town

    Anyone know a good company who can move a large glass/PVC (279g) aquarium and stand across town?
  13. Rio1969

    Large Acrylic Tank

    I am looking to upgrade from my 100g to about a 360g peninsula tank. The dimensions I am thinking about are 96"L x 24"H x 36"D. My question is, besides being easier to scratch than glass are there any other disadvantages to acrylic on a tank this size?
  14. Rio1969

    Kalcon Aquatics

    Anyone has experience with buying fish from Kalcon Aquatics?
  15. Rio1969

    Source for 1/4" Glass

    Where can I get 1/4" glass cut to size? I am on the West side near the Katy area.