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  1. Dainese954

    Want to Buy WTB PEST FREE Chaeto

    Need a tennis ball sized clump for a friendly wager I have in place. It has to come from a tank with out aptasia, vermatid snails, nor any other forms of life that’s considered pest. I’m located in central houston, going down to nasa tomorrow and spring this weekend. So please PM me what you...
  2. Dainese954

    For Sale Sherman BTA/RBTA

    There’s a on going debate as what this anemone is, but I think it’s a RBTA. It’s just getting too big in my tank. Coming in right around 8” across with high flow, probably larger in a less flow environment. Looking for $60, pick up in heights. Thanks
  3. Dainese954

    Want to Buy WTB jebao wave maker

    Trying to do some experimenting, anyone have one laying around they want to get rid of?
  4. Dainese954

    For Sale Green Hairy Mushroom frags

    $10 for small quarter size $15 for large silver dollar or larger Pick up only, open to trades.
  5. Dainese954

    For Sale ADOPTED

    $50 or trade for a couple frags of euphyllia.
  6. Dainese954

    Please save my purple tang

    Long story short, ich wiped out my whole tank beside my purple tang. Anyone have a QT setup and ready to go in the inner loop? He is still holding on but have no clue how much longer he has... I would set one up but I seriously have no room and I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. If...
  7. Dainese954

    Attn: Reef angel GURU

    I just moved my tank into my new home, decided to give my reef angel that I purchased 2 years ago a go, Upon opening the package I am totally lost. Therefore, I am reaching out on here to see if anyone could help a brother out, lunch would be on me. THANKS!!!