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  1. Matyas

    Want to Buy Low Price Euphylia NW Houston

    Looking for good deal on euphylia. Preferably pretty colors and at least a few heads thanks.
  2. Matyas

    ICP for a year!

    Enter if you haven’t; this seems like a sweet deal! Enter here 👇 https://bit.ly/2mGCUn9
  3. Matyas

    What a deal!!

    I was cruising around ebay looking for some caulerpa macroalgae and i found this. Is it me or why would anyone buy bubble algae? Many people want to get rid of this nuisance
  4. Matyas

    Occ or Other

    I cant make up my mind. I have a stunning BTA and want a nice clown pair to go with it. I am on the fence between Ocellaris and other varieties. Although occ have bad hosting record, they are the most beautiful to me. What would you do?
  5. Matyas

    Best Calcium test kit

    My Salifert is almost exhausted and I am looking for a good test kit. I dont like the dropper system of the calcium salifert it feels innacurate to me as i always get uneven drops so I need a better solution. What test kits do yall use/recommend for calcium?
  6. Matyas

    Can mangroves be submerged?

    I have a few mangroves growing in the sumpy and was wondering if i could bring them im the main tank to add a cool element. The only issue i have is that the mangroves will be fully submerged if they are in my display. Has anyone had experience with mangroves?
  7. Matyas

    Does pulsing shorten lifespan?

    Over the past two years, the only pumps i had die on me were on wave action, the rest were slow ramp up and down(sine wave). Could this be a reason for shorter lifespan of pumps or just coincidence?
  8. Matyas

    Jebao Crossflow Experiences

    Thinking about getting a jebao crossflow. I have had great experience with jebao products but i was wondering how the crossflow pumps hold up. Any experiences with them?
  9. Matyas

    Favorite CuC members!

    My clean up crew is running quite thin and I am looking for some fun critters. What are your favorite members of CuC? Pics would be great!
  10. Matyas

    How to fight dino, again...

    I broke down my old biocube after it was overwhelmed with dinoflagellates. I killed everything and sterilized the tank. I then started a new system of 75 gallons that was running smooth for a few months until i noticed a familiar sight. Dinos! ugh! Due to the chaeto, live rock, and efficient...
  11. Matyas

    Sea Fan experience

    Planning to add one of these guys later on. Any success stories with sea fans?
  12. Matyas

    Passive vs Active cooling

    I am building a diy led, and was wondering which method of cooling was best. It will be a reefbrite style fixture(actinic strip light) to supplement colors. Around 10-15 3w luxeon leds, meanwell driver and potentiometer. What method of cooling would work best while maintaining a low profile in...
  13. Matyas

    Asterina stars and sps

    To increase biodiversity in my tank I bought some live rock, (more the better!) and I saw one of these buggers eating some coralline off of the live rock. My question is, do asterina starfish hurt or damage sps coral? My tank will be primarily acropora and sps and I wouldn’t like to take any...
  14. Matyas

    Crazy MH heat

    Hey reefers, I recently noticed that my metal halide is melting a crossbar on my tank. I have a t5/MH fixture with a small reflector centered over the tank. My question is, should I worry about the safety of my tank with this happening? Should I remove the crossbar from the tank? Thanks, Mat
  15. Matyas

    What is your dream fish?

    If you could disregard tank size and money what fish would you get for your tank? My dream fish is the niger triggerfish, or perhaps a blue pufferfish.
  16. Matyas

    Leaks! Oh no!

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a used aquarium and after about a week in storage it has gaps forming in the silicone. Today I noticed the whole seam is completely failed and there are several tunnels in the silicone. The front panel of the tank is the issue and needs to be dissasembled...
  17. Matyas

    Seasonal SPS?

    Hey Marshians! Have any of y’all ever noticed seasonal growth patterns in your stony coral? Even with my parameters and temperature rock solid i have observed better growth during the spring and summer months, opposed to winter. Is it something to do with natural patterns such as seasonal...
  18. Matyas

    Slimy sps?

    Hello reefers! i recently picked up some cool sps at the frag swap yesterday, and my orange montipora digitata and elkhorn montipora are slimy and not extended. I know they might be stressed from transport in bags, but only the 2 out of 4 are like that and the bag water was polluted when i got...
  19. Matyas


    Hey reefers! Has anyone been to the new fish store that had recently opened? how is it and please share your experience! thanks and good luck
  20. Matyas

    LTA Help!!!

    Hey reefers! i need some help, my lta was doing fine until today when one of my rocks tumbled on top of it. Now half of it is deflated and stringy, what can i do?