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    For Sale 75 gallon Reef tank, 30 gal sump

    stand has been sold. new price 175 for tank and sump
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    For Sale 75 gallon Reef tank, 30 gal sump

    Bump. New price $225 for a like-new tank, drain plumbing, stand and sump
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    For Sale 75 gallon Reef tank, 30 gal sump

    Tank: 75 gallon corner overflow. Tank was bought around september of 2019 and is in excellent shape. Comes with drain plumbing (no return as I figured thats personal preference and depends on pump). Sump: 30 gallon tank (36"L x 12"w x 16"h) with 3 sections. 1st section for drain lines/filter...
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    Scape rough draft

    Looks good, but like others said dont get too stressed out on rock work. Eventually itll be rebuilt for one reason or another. Or itll get covered with coral and you wont mind. That looks like a great starting point though
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    75gal rebuild

    I have a 75 gallon with a broken top brace. You can have it to take apart and use the bottom glass for yours. Just shoot me a PM