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  1. gregg

    Why is my ro/di leaking?

    I noticed today that water is coming out of the pressure gauge from the back. What causes such a thing? It looks like a whole in the back... is that a blow out value? How do I fix this, it’s still producing water at zero tds.
  2. gregg

    For Sale Franks for sale starting at $10

    pickup near downtown
  3. gregg

    ICP Selling Hand Sanitizer

    This is interesting... $10 for a 12oz bottle plus $8 shipping. https://www.icp-analysis.com/collections/hand-sanitizer here is a video on how its made:
  4. gregg

    Another live sale?

    Everyone is social distancing and staying at home... y’all wanna do another live sale?
  5. gregg

    SBB Half Baked

    Check out this beauty Jason has!
  6. gregg

    Water Boil Notice

    A boil water notice has been issued for the City of Houston’s Main Water System (TX1010013). The water pressure dropped below the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s required minimum of 20 PSI during a large (96-inch) water line break at 610 & Clinton Drive in East Houston. Think this...
  7. gregg

    My heater crapped out!

    So I woke up to my apex alerting me that my temp dropped below 75... I have a titanium 500w heater, the display was still working and adjusting but it wasn’t heating.... this is my 2nd one that’s gone out in as many years so I’m thinking I should go a different route.. What heater do y’all...
  8. gregg

    Black spots on clownfish

    What is this?
  9. gregg

    Help with Maxpect Gyre XF350

    Anyone using the 300 version yet? so i bought 2 units, a master and a slave.. in the videos i see that its able to run both pumps on one power supply but mentions a need for a splitter... is that included and if not where do i get that? It also mentions an option for it to be Wifi enabled and...
  10. gregg

    Need someone to look over a used car before i buy it.

    So im getting ready to buy my son a used beat up car and ive never bought a used car before so i have some concerns. Im looking for someone that knows what they are doing that i can hire to go out and inspect it and make sure im not getting into a total clunker. things like breaks, leaks...
  11. gregg

    Underwater Speakers Help Revive Dying Coral Reefs, Study Finds

    Check this out... what’s your thoughts? https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2019/11/30/underwater-speakers-help-revive-dying-coral-reefs-study-finds
  12. gregg

    Looking for a local Fish Store?

    Dont forget about the LFS map on MARSH. Has anyone ever been to them all in one day? What's the most stores you've visited in one day? CLICK HERE FOR MAP
  13. gregg

    What’s your TDS?

    My tap water is at 198tds and I live downtown .... what’s yours at?
  14. gregg

    How often do you change your water?

    How often, how much... and why do you do a water change?
  15. gregg

    Hydra Thirty Two HD Questions

    i broke down and bought 2 of the new - AI hydra Thirty Two HD One didnt work and had a "driver fault" so now i gotta deal with returning it to the factory. The other one i noticed doesnt have wifi mode (just bluetooth) so no cloud, doesnt have manual mode, doesnt have kelvin wheel and doesnt...
  16. gregg

    F Aptasia

    I saw dennis at @fjwaquarium using this stuff so I figured I’d give it a shot.... I had dozens of aptasia in my tank and one big one about 2” across. This stuff comes out of a needle and and sticks to the aptasia and then the tentacles retract to protect itself and they get stuck, it then...
  17. gregg

    mindStream - automatic water testing

    check out this new gadget hitting the market, Its called mindStream. It tests 10 different water parameters. its kinda pricy at $995 plus $35 a month to replace the disks but it looks very cool. it has no tubing or regents needed or calibrating, you just replace the disk once a month. i heard...
  18. gregg

    Is it the water or my RO/DI?

    so ive heard about the water supply is houston being overdosed with ammonia... ok i got that. But yesterday i swapped out my sediment, carbon and Di (did membranes 100 gallons ago) then i started it up and was getting 00ppm, today after having made 100 gallons its already reading 08ppm. Is the...
  19. gregg

    Flushing RO/DI after filter change

    I just swamped out all my filters on my ro/di machine... how long do you let them run/flush before you start using it again? The di has been going so fast lately that I don’t wanna waste a drop flushing it longer than I should.
  20. gregg

    What is this animal?

    Is this a good thing or bad?