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    For Sale Jawbreaker for sale

    Have another available. mother: baby: $115 located in East pearland area. first on gets it. thanks
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    For Sale Aqua SD rainbow milli, BC Bonsai humilis, pink cadi

    First up, chunky Aqua SD rainbow milli frags: (4) in total: (#’s 1,2, 3, 6) #1–$45already branching on left side) #2–$70 (almost a full 2” piece) #3–$45 (branches starting to grow on right) Next piece purchased from fraghouse 2 yrs ago. small colony in top right of second photo. Purple, blue...
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    For Sale Wood dining table with fold-down leaf

    Dining room table or larger breakfast table with 6 chairs. Our shard 2 years ago at rooms to go. 72” long with leaf. 54” x 54” with leaf folded in.37” high. 6 chairs total. Very nice shape. No deep scratches or gouges. Only some glitter left behind by a placemat in one location. $1250 new...
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    For Sale Reactor trio (cal, media, bio pellet)

    Got three reactors for sale. first up, PM CR622 calcium reactor. Bare reactor with internal circulation pump. Works perfectly. Pump is quiet. No cracks or leaks. PM rates it at 400-500g. Ran on my 200g. Upgraded to a bigger body and second chamber Geo for a tank upgrade down the line. $190...
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    Want to Buy Mp40 Dry side parts

    Looks like my bearings or the little spacer inside went bad today. Pump was stopped. After taking it apart I did find a trashed spacer. Upon pulling Th e motor assembly apart, and pressing the bearings off the main shaft, the (not sure what it’s called, commutator?) dropped off my bench and...
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    The eagle (trident) has landed!

    Can’t wait to see trends in my system. Wet easy to setup as well.
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    How do you clean your acrylic tank?

    Just got my first acrylic tank going. Not sure how to safely clean the inside/outside panels without scratching. Any tips or pads y’all acrylic masters suggest? This is for a 1/2” thick walled tank. Thanks
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    Chloramine test kits

    When I purchased my rodi system I called my MUD and inquired what they used to disinfect their water and was told chloramine. How can we be sure we’re removing as much of it as Possible? Has anyone used the test kits from brs etc like the one below? Insta-Test Free & Total Chlorine &...
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    Fowleri tang experiences?

    Since I saw a nice one at Oceanlife almost two years ago, I’ve always wanted one. Now that my tank is established at almost 2 years I’d like to add one (and I’ve found a source as well). Current live stock are: Juvenile purple tang Medium bristletooth tang Small sailfin tang Various wrasses...
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    Need some peps and emeralds. Got the bubbles!

    This is why all corals should be qt’d. Any recos on who to order from?or anyone know who has them I’m stock locally? No3 is about 10 so doser is off. I’m dosimgn16ml of vibrant per week as well. Anyone?
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    3” or 4” computer style fans that can take some humidity?

    Is there such a thing? These Red Sea reefers have a closed area, sump area is enclosed which means if you have fans down there it just blows humidity around, in the sump which makes for air exchange being very difficult. I’d like to install a three or 4 inch computer fan in the back wall area...
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    Does filter floss = pillow batting?

    Are they the same thing? If so I'll be picking it up at Walmart etc now by the bagfulls. Any thoughts or hard evidence here anyone can provide?
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    $1 per gallon sale next week

    Ran to petco this am for a maxi jet, which they didn't have, but asked about the sale. They said it starts next fri and is up to 30g. 40 breeders and up 1/2 off.
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    Pearland, So Ho area peeps. Need a hand tomorrow (fri) >>

    The eagle is landing today. Yes, the 750 xxl is finally arriving. I'll be picking up the stand and sump today for assembly this evening/tomorrow morning. Then I'll head back to Oceanlife to pick up the tank. It's roughly the size of a standard 180 with thicker glass and rimless--tank weight is...
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    Who stocks Tropic Eden Reeflakes or Meso in Houston?

    I'd prefer the meso. Does anyone know who stocks either around here? Thanks
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    Feed Refugium off Drain or Return?

    Well, more of a place to grow macros. Trying to figure out my plumbing and what parts I'll need. So the question is, should a macro grow area/refugium be fed off the drain or feed by my return? Those are my two choices. Which should it be? thanks
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    Long term survivability of Dispar Anthias

    1-2 years more minimum. Ive had bartletts in the past as a pair in my 60. On went carpet surfing and one held up for a year befr E I took the tank down. Id like to have 8+ in the new 180 I'm setting up. Of course I'll start out with all females. However, I have read that in a group the...
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    A fish keepers medicine cabinet?

    Wit my past tank I suppose I got lucky. I never had an ich outbreak, brook or velvet on my percs, but consider that the exception. This tank will be larger with more fish load so I wil be qt'ing and employ ttm. What are the basic medications recommended to have on hand? Plan is to have 5-7...
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    Southside Tank Tour?

    Since I've been out of the game for several years, I've been reading and researching the numerous changes in equipment and husbandry. I've visited some of our LFS's as well. I recall several years ago seeing a Southside Tank Tour put on the calendar but what about for 2017? I'd really like to...
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    Lighting a 60" by 24" mixed reef

    I know this has probably been asked a thousand times . . . LEDs have become popular and more effective these last few years. On my old tank I ran the old standby sunlight supply 250w de 14kpheonix bulb. I can surely pick up an ATI 60" t5 8 bulb fixture however I like a more open top with a...