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  1. Jrpaez82

    For Sale 40 gallon bow front tank $20

    Selling this 40g bow front tank, leaked before until I sealed it with silicone, doesn’t leak now, used it for my first reef tank and now I have upgraded to a 120g set up I can send pictures when I had it running per request
  2. Jrpaez82

    Giving Away Free chaeto has some grape green algae

    About 2 softball size pieces, sump getting full of it so I need to trim it down 77095 area
  3. Jrpaez82

    For Sale $60 Relassy LED Aquarium Light Panel Sell or trade

    I bought this light in December of 2019 and used it for about 4 months for my 40 gallon bow front reef tank then I upgraded, the tank was 20 inches in height and I had the light literally on the very top of the tank and it kept my corals alive but hardly saw any growth at all with it, I think...
  4. Jrpaez82

    Want to Buy Live rock

    Looking to buy some live rock in the 77095 area