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  1. DwPolcyn

    Denver LFS

    Ironically my training for Covid got pushed back to later this month because of Covid. Take some pictures for me if you go to any LFS there!
  2. DwPolcyn

    Want to Buy Rock Flowers

    TSA corals has some a little out of your price range, still look awesome though!
  3. DwPolcyn

    Radion G5

    Par is very even across the board in my red sea 250, I love my xr15 blues. Going to add an xr15 pro to help add more par and balance out the blues. I have seen alot of sps heads opting for the pro over the blue on R2R, but you can't go wrong with either. Just added diffusers to them the other...
  4. DwPolcyn

    Member Spotlight - June

    I actually bought zip ties and small Velcro strips for organizing, even a label maker months ago. I was just waiting for someone to give me a gift card for a little incentive 😉
  5. DwPolcyn

    Red Sea 250 Journey

    @Cody could probably machine something cheaper. It was $250 after taxes, would be cheaper if I didn't add feeding hole and cutouts for the lights.
  6. DwPolcyn

    Red Sea 250 Journey

    Yep I honestly had no idea, first time tang owner. He has already out bullied the royal Gramma and growing fast. Currently the star of the show!
  7. DwPolcyn

    Extreme Weather Prepardness

    tell them no fridge or freezer food at home with no generator
  8. DwPolcyn

    Red Sea 250 Journey

    Well after a few months of waiting my Clearview Lid finally came in yesterday! Looks pretty snazzy and fits like a glove. Yes I'm using the feeding door for cables for now haha. Might have been off a little on my measurements for the cutout but overall it's great. Unfortunately two weeks...
  9. DwPolcyn

    Extreme Weather Prepardness

    Depends on what you are trying to power really. If you are only trying to keep the power on in the aquarium the 3,500 is more than enough. If you are trying to power your fridge, tank and maybe a small ac unit the 8750 is what you want. I would personally go with the 8750 if you do not already...
  10. DwPolcyn

    Extreme Weather Prepardness

    I've been using an old generator I got from a hoarde for the past 3 years that I fixed up. This thread has me paranoid so now I'm going to buy another smaller one to run my Toyotami portable AC unit and to have as a backup.
  11. DwPolcyn

    Live aquaria

    Dam that's not good, mine came around 10am. Fedex is always hit or miss, they delivered my mushroom five hours late in 90+ degree heat. I'm still nursing him back to health
  12. DwPolcyn

    Who Has A Laser?

    I'm curious what is the minimum wattage needed to kill a zoa polyp?
  13. DwPolcyn

    Live aquaria

    I'll happily pay $90 for a captive bred yellow tang He's doing great, he even let's the sharknose goby jump on and clean him every now and again!
  14. DwPolcyn


    Oof, if it was on when it fell you probably don't have much hope in fixing it. If it was powered off you might have a shot. Primes are fairly cheap compared to most things in the hobby, I'd look online for a used one. With the Prime 16s I see people selling their HDs all the time on R2R.
  15. DwPolcyn

    Denver LFS

    I'll be heading to Denver for a few days beginning of July for some good ol corporate training. Anyone know of any LFS worth checking out?
  16. DwPolcyn

    Random pic of the day!

    Peeking over the edge
  17. DwPolcyn

    Ronin Rebirthed

    Are those rods holding the lights up for flower pots!? This is brilliant I am going to steal this idea in the future!
  18. DwPolcyn

    Live aquaria

    He's a big boi