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For Sale 40 Gallon Breeder Reef Ready Rimless with Prodigy M Overflow and Return (1 Viewer)

Yolo Thorn

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May 30, 2021
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Klein, TX
Lightly used (1 year old) Rimless 40 gallon Breeder Tank (Aqueon) for sale. Comes pre-installed with a Eshopps Prodigy M Overflow. Also comes with two 1/2" loc-lines with VCA Random Flow Generators on the ends. External plumbing is 1" PVC and all connections terminate in Quick-Disconnects for easy installation wherever you want. This was an awesome tank for me that grew corals like crazy but I decided to upgrade to a 75 gallon, so now I need to find a new home for this beautiful tank. Paid over $300 for the parts not even including the PVC pipe & connectors nor the labor & risk to drill the tank and put it all together.

Asking $150 or for a Coral trade.. NW Houston / Tomball Area


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