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Anyone going to Aquashella dallas late march?


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Mar 25, 2017
was wondering if im the only Marshian going to this reef show? if you dont know much about it, let me tell you. kinda like our REEF CURRENTS but with fresh water mixed in as well. and it has alot of art features from Reef weeds. they paint art works of corals with uv paint and they glow when you shine blue on them. from youtube it seems like a pretty cool experience. my dad and are for sure going.

sorry for my ehh grammar its been a long day lol.



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Apr 23, 2017
I have some super ultra rare limited edition insane fluff intense electro blue with foot and mouth blue mushrooms for sale for $200 per head.
Then I have ultra rainbow discosomas. Dull pink, blue dots with bleached outer rim. Discount marsh price $500 per polyp. PM is best

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