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Apex Text Alert

Mar 8, 2016
So my temps have been dropping under 75 for the last day and im getting massive text and email alerts. i can not remember how to turn the text alerts off can someone refresh me lol!


Moved On
Oct 16, 2011
Go to the dashboard page and click on the right side where you named your APEX, there's is a drop down box.
Click on that and you'll see the drop down box, click on settings, on the left side there's a icon that looks like a screen and it has a drop down box too.
When you click on that you see 4 topics click on the notifications and you're in.
If you have setup with email alerts or text you can turn it off from there.

Of course it's always better to change your settings in temperature in order to still receive your alerts but not any moment of the hour.
To do so you go to the outlet where you have your heater set on click the star icon and it will bring you to the output configuration display from your heater.
Now you can change your settings as to prevent your temperature from dropping under the 75 but instead your heater will come on at 75.5 or 76 or what ever you feel happy with.
Mar 8, 2016
Thanks, i can take the emails but man the texts are annoying. Im trying to keep it around 75, just dont want to hear when it drops to 74.4 and kicks the heater on lol