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baby tiger barbs

Nov 9, 2019
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so i got tiger barbs who are about too lay eggs in a few days and i dont know what to do so could somebody tell me how to take care of them and what i sould do


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Jun 11, 2012
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The Woodlands
I have not bred these, but I have bred freshwater angels and bettas. Unlike these two, I believe barbs scatter their eggs on the bottom, so have a layer of marbles or other coarse substrate so the eggs will fall through and not get eaten. When I tried breeding zebra danios, which also scatter their eggs, the big problem was all the eggs getting fungus, so use a low dose of methylene blue to try to prevent this.

If the eggs hatch, they will live off their yolk sac for the first day or two. Once this is gone the real fun begins. With the angels and bettas, I used a liquid product called Liquifry as their first food. I don't know if this still exists (I was doing this breeding in the 1980's), but if not maybe some of the liquid preparations we feed our corals might work. After the fry get a little bigger I used newly hatched baby brine shrimp until they were big enough to wean onto flakes.

I know this isn't a very detailed or useful explanation, but hopefully it will spark some ideas and hopefully someone with more recent relevant experience will chime in.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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Jul 9, 2015
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Houston, TX
I have had unplanned success with Mollys while the hubby has a breeding pair of cichlids. Mollys were fairly simple, as long as there was a mat on the bottom of the tank for the babies to hide in until they were big enough to mingle with the larger fish they were good and they survived off of regular flake food. The cichlids were a bit different. Momma and babies hid under the log for the first few weeks before we even knew they were there. Once we knew abt them we caught them and put them in a nursery to protect them from being dinner. They were fed "first bites" for the first month or so then we just fed them what the other fish were fed. I will say that it was never our plan to have all these fish babies so we were obviously very unprepared and knew nothing abt care. Thank goodness their own instincts kicked in and made it possible for them to survive.

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