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Gone Bicolor Psuedo

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Jan 18, 2019
SE Houston
I’ve got a bicolor Psuedo for free. He’s about a year old and healthy.
Not going to lie he’s become a bit of a bully. Nothing has been killed. The clown, blue damsel, and coral bandit shrimp have been in about the same time as him but are all confined to about 1/4 of the entire tank. Hermits don’t even come out during the day cause he picks them up and moves them.
I’d still want him to end up in a good home but don’t want the new taker to be surprised by any of this.

Yours to take absolutely free...however if you want to offer some cheato or Xenia I wouldn’t complain :).

Pickup in the La Porte/Baytown area today after 6ish, nearly anytime on the weekend.


Not open for further replies.