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Buying/Selling/Tradding Rules - ammended for Free Stuff (1 Viewer)

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Jun 5, 2017
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  • This forum is provided for the sole purpose of providing a central location for buyers and sellers of goods to find each other.
  • Any guest or paid member is able to create selling threads in this forum.
  • Join MARSH or Renew Membership
  • Buyer Beware
  • MARSH takes no responsibility nor do we provide oversight for the correctness or fairness of any offer to buy or sell.
  • It is the buyer/sellers responsibility to research all offers and negotiate all sales.
  • MARSH will not be responsible for any losses that may be incurred from use of this forum.
  • Posters have the ability to edit posts for corrections and to mark items sold. MARSH is not responsible for resolution of disputes and or validation of posts.
  • The MARSH Board of Directors and moderators will not be responsible for mediating any disputes.
  • Any and all disputes should be handled privately between the parties involved.
  • The code of conduct for use of these forums applies to everyone at all times, failure to conform will result in a loss of privileges.
  • The trading or selling of firearms and/or ammo is prohibited.

  • All sellers must have their location listed in their PROFILE.
  • Before creating a new selling thread and posting anything for sale in the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum, please update your PROFILE to reflect your general geographical location...for instance, NW Houston, Clear-Lake area, Katy, Woodlands, East Houston, etc.

All items listed for sale must include a price. If you are willing to accept trades, it is also helpful to list the types of items you are interested in trading for. No auction threads will be allowed.

No commercial listings will be allowed. Commercial listings are defined as; repeatedly selling new/used equipment, having multiples of the same new item(s), being able to "get anything" a poster may ask for, owning or running an online store via eBay, Facebook, or other social media will be a sure-fire way to have your post removed as "commercial." The BOD reserves the right to extend what they feel is an online type "store".
  • The exception to this rule will be for Sponsors or Contributors wishing to sell old/used/retired equipment.

MARSH does not sponsor, endorse, or take responsibility for any group orders that take place.

Group Orders through NON Sponsors Retailers
  • You may announce the group order and details in a single post.
  • The details must include the name of the retailer.
  • All additional communications regarding the order must be conducted through private communications (email/PM's/phone/Groups Area of website).
  • All orders through wholesalers are forbidden and will be removed.
Group Orders through MARSH sponsors
  • Announcements of the group order and all details are permitted.
  • MARSH strongly encourages the use of the "Sponsor and Contributor Forums".

Please do not start "checking interest" type threads. If you want to check interest for an item, searching other buying/selling sites (EBay, Reef Central, etc.) will give you a good idea of the demand and price range for an item, so please do your research before posting here.

These are not discussion forums. If you wish to purchase or trade, please post. However, if you only wish to comment on the quality of someone else's trade item or their price, with no intention of buying/trading, please keep it to yourself.
  • Posts not relevant to the purchase or trade will be removed by the moderators of this forum without notification.

Please be sure to respond to a listing in the manner in which the original poster requested. For example, if they specifically say to send email, then sending a PM is a waste of time and could hurt your chances of getting the item.

There is no need to respond with posts such as "PM sent". It does not guarantee your place in line or reserve an item for you. The seller is free to sell the item to whomever they want, regardless of who posted first.

If your item is taken, then please edit the original post and change the thread prefix to "Gone" to the title of your listing.

  • Please keep posted picture sizes at 640 x 480 pixels or under! Otherwise your post may be edited and tags removed so only hyperlinks remain.
  • You can also use hosting services like Photobucket, ImageShack and Imgur to upload your images and insert them into your post.

Free Stuff Forum - Is open to all members and guests to list items they are giving away. Listings may not include items also for sale or catches for getting the free stuff. If its free its free.

Please keep in mind that these forums are a service MARSH provides. Following the above guidelines help make the forums more user-friendly, and certainly makes them easier to moderate.

Last updated 8/12/2019
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