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City Pets 36 Year anniversary! THIS WEEKEND!


Board Member
Dec 18, 2006
Updated info from City Pets:

You heard that right! Come and check out thousand of items on sale this weekend!

50% off Dog cages

50% off Fluval Canister 106, 206, 306, and 406!

36% off all fish, coral, plan, holy rock, diftwood, Fiji rock, rabbits, parakeets, iguanas

Radion Gen3 30 Pro- $550,

Small animal food buy 1@ 20% off, buy 2 @30% off

Hikari, Omega, Tetra, Sera Food buy 1@ 20% off, buy 2 @ 30% off.

More sale items through out the store. See you this weekend.

Thank you for your support!