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Feb 4, 2014
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League City
This store is located on the SW beltway in between Westpark Tollway and HWY 69.

This is an old school store with a lot to offer. They have something for everybody! From birds to rabbits to parrots and you name it. They have a large fish selection, but coral has been kinda limited. All the employees are friendly for the most part. They have an interesting setup here. There’s several coral flats that house some unique inverts and anemones. A lot of smaller displays that they’ll frag out of. They’re main frag tank is located in the front by their main display. Not a very big selection for coral. They do have $10 dollar frags though. Well, $10-$12-$15 I think it is. There’s a huge selection of dry goods! Huge freshwater selection for fish. If you need a standard tank they can order for you. Prices are good. They do have cured rock for sale too. I have videos of most of these stores I’ve reviewed. Be sure to check out my YouTube page.

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