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Cobalt battery back-up air pumps - Plug AND battery?


Apr 12, 2015
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There are 3 versions - a small blue one, a larger blue one with dual outputs, and a red one that looks to be the same as the small blue one, but includes a spare USB battery. I'm aware they've had some quality control issues. What I am wondering about right now is if the red one (or any of them) allow you to plug in the spare battery and a plug. Or piggy back. I definitely want it plugged in so it will detect a power outage and start, but it would be nice if I could plug in a spare battery if I'm going to be away for a more than a few days.
The manual seems to indicate it is either/or, not both. But I thought I'd see if someone knew otherwise.
FYI - I do have a powerhead on a UPS, but I find myself in the market for a new air pump for other reasons, so I figure one with battery back-up for a power outage is a nice added feature.