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Combining tanks


Oct 21, 2019
Spring, TX
I am integrating my 30 gallon mixed reef into my 125 FOWLR and a QT tank (just temporarily until I get my NUVO 50 set up) I would like to treat the live rock before I move it to get rid of bristle worms and vermetidae snails. Whats the best way to do this, so I can add the live rock to my FOWLR safely.

Also, I would like to dip my coral, or clean it up a bit somehow. I saw a litte worm crawling around one of my zoas. Best way to treat the coral before I move it?



Supporting Member
Nov 9, 2019
ok when i heard this thread i thought like attaching the 30 gallons to the stand of the 120 and waterfall which uses the sump outtake to put it in the 120 and intake in the 30