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disposing of things in NW houston


Jan 18, 2006
Cypress, TX (290 & Barker Cypress)
OK, where does one go to get rid of large house hold items to big for the trash, but not good enough to donate? The previous owner of our house left some bed frames in the attic that are really bad and just need to go to the dump, where ever that might be. I have a large desk, small cabinet and filing cabinet that needs to go too. It is in good shape if anyone wants it, free for pick up (pic below). You will need a truck for that. If no one want that it is going to the dump too, once I find where one is located. We also have a broken book case that need to go.



Supporting Member
Nov 11, 2004
In Galveston, all you have to do is call the city's public works dept and they will send a truck to pick up whatever you have...maybe Cypress does that too...