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fish shipment 12/15/14


Jan 15, 2010
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2909 Fountain View Houston, TX
watanabei angel female
heraldi angel
green chromis
diamond goby
golden head goby
bar goby
volitan black lionfish
blue jaw triggers pairs
randall goby
ornate Christmas wrasse
melanurus wrasse
radiant wrasse
possum wrasse
rock beauty angel
red coral beauty angel
cherry grouper
yellow angle
green clown goby
citron clown goby
peppermint hogfish
banded pipefish
many banded pipefish
bellus angel
yellow tangs
magnificent foxface
ruby red scooter blennys
firefish gobys
purple tilefish
bluefin angel
rainfrodi goby
raccoon b/f
convict tangs
clown tangs
potters angel
flame angel
swallowtail angel
warty black angler
longnose b/f
saddle back b/f
yashe haze goby
white sleeper goby
black leaf fish
yellow leaf fish
chocolate tangs
potters wrasses
gold moray eel