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Found a hidden gem - moved

Aug 31, 2018
Just want to pass this along to you , my fellow reefers. I found a tiny shop that stocks a decent amount of dried goods for a shop their size located 5-10 mins from OLA. Last time i checked in, they only have two small tanks with mostly lps and softies but Im very impressed with their CS and honesty...unlike * AHEM* :) I was an inch away from buying two hammers but the guy was so upfront and told me to not drop $200 on them because they were in bad shape. That alone earned my bussiness, for sure.

Theyre located in a somewhat seedy part of town if you wanna do a lil detective work to find out. Just dont wanna broadcast their name for fear some on here would think i have an agenda to push , eventhiugh i have no affiliation or association with said store.
Aug 31, 2018
Sorry Johnny,

Your $10 offer via paypal to guess the name of the store is a form of promotion. No one is allowed to advertise, promote, or market in MARSH's general forums. Sponsors pay for this privilege in their own sponsor forums.

However, I and many others, have had great experiences at Top Aquatics. Since we guessed the answer first, feel free to donate that $10 to MARSH & we'll match and donate that to the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF). Thank you for doing your part to save the reef.

- Sharath, MARSH President
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Aug 31, 2018
Yea, i bought a small one a few wks back and i can attest their elegance corals are almost bullet proof. Opened up the same day in my tank. Nice score on the Sohal! Theyre beautiful but need a huge tank though.