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Fowleri tang experiences?

Jan 12, 2013
South Houston
Since I saw a nice one at Oceanlife almost two years ago, I’ve always wanted one. Now that my tank is established at almost 2 years I’d like to add one (and I’ve found a source as well).

Current live stock are:
Juvenile purple tang
Medium bristletooth tang
Small sailfin tang
Various wrasses
Small one spot foxface
Lawnmower blenny

It looks like what is available are 2.5” to 3.5” specimens. I’ll be adding another wrasse or two at the same time.

Anything to look out for? Are fowleris known for anything in particular disease wise? I will qt first as well.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated


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Aug 18, 2003
Great choice! Go for it. Just a regular quarantine should be sufficient. It’s an expensive fish so make sure it eats at LFS and you don’t see anything visible on its skin/fins.

Nick had a giant one which I almost got but I was worried that my sohal/orange shoulder/Achilles would fight it to death. With a large price tag I decided not to risk it.

Also-usually I add the purple tang last-in my experience the meanest fish - since yours a juvi hopefully no issue.
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Jun 29, 2012
I have my Fowleri with 2 Naso's, a yellow tang, gem tang, achilles tang, powder blue tang, bristle tooth tang, and a hippo tang. He is by far the most docile of all of them. One of my favorite fish.
Apr 27, 2008
Sarnia, Ontario
I think a fish can be a pet. Personally I prefer beautiful fish over corals anyways. (ducks for cover ha ha) Some fish will recognise you over time and you might create a bond with a fish as well. Good luck with your magical aquarium.