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Galexea and other corals

Jan 6, 2019
I got back to this hobby 2 months ago. I took a 10 year break from it. I was in it for 5 plus years. A lot has changed since 2008.

DO NOT CRUCIFY ME WITH MY SET UP. I have a 75. I know I have fish that should be in a bigger tank. I am already looking to get something over 150 gal as soon as I find one for a reasonable price or when I can afford to get it. My placement of the corals might be off, but so far, all are thriving. Feel free to tell me what I need to do differently.

Anyway, I’ve read quite a bit about Galaxea, and nothing seems to be good about it. I inherited this galaxea a month ago and I’ve added other corals around it. So far, I’ve only seen it’s tentacles reach out an inch max. It has also spawned (?) and I have several on the sandbed.

My main question is should I go ahead and get rid of it considering it’s bad reputation or monitor to see if I got lucky and 1314C47B-2BE7-4815-B520-24FC4322F49A.jpeg 364155B7-0568-4EF8-B727-B7C092AB320B.jpeg E6D7C825-9285-4351-9752-900A4F7E96AC.jpeg it won’t spread it’s tentacles longer than what it has?

FYI: I feed my corals every other day. I change my water every 5 days. I test almost every other day for the standard ones and test once a week for the 3. I dose for the Mg and Ca, although Alk is in a good level at this time and don’t need dosing. I just started doing sps 2 weeks ago and so far everyone is happy. I do have 2 echotech4, but figured I don’t need to switch the lights at this time since they are all doing fine.


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Jul 9, 2015
Houston, TX
Hi and welcome to MARSH! This is just my .02, but I think that as long as you give him about a 6" space, you should be fine. Many folks have had them with no problems. Some love them, some don't. It's up to you and your preferences really. It is, after all, your own little piece of the ocean. Watch your parameters and your coral placement and you should have no problem keeping a healthy and happy Galaxia.

Congrats on the tank, it looks like it's coming along nicely

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Jun 11, 2016
I have had the one I have for over a year , and it has never bothered anything , but I would others at distant because I have seen mine with tentacles that have reached at least 6 inches long , not all the time but they can and will reach out. But again never had any problems with mine.