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For Sale Gem Tang $600


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Feb 23, 2004
I bought a Gem Tang from Live aquarai. Placed him in QT and treated with CP and prazipro, Unfortunatly when I added him to mt 280 last week my purple tang attached the crap out of him. I was able to catch him and return him to the QT tank. He has fully recovered and is eating very well. I paid $800 for him but am willing to sell for $600. I live in Dickinson on 646 and I45.


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Apr 20, 2017
Spring Branch
Purple tangs are notorious for being territorial towards others with similar body shapes.

You can possibly get the territorial issues worked out of the purple. In the morning when the lights first come up place a large mirror on one end of the tank and let the purple go nuts on that for a good day or two. While the purple is beating the crap out of his reflection, add the Gem tang on the other side of the tank. Be sure to have nori clips on either end of the tank as well and keep them filled as well. Then remove the mirror and see how it goes.


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Apr 23, 2017
I had a vicious purple that would pluck out food from inside my mushroom bounces. After almost spearing him I decided to give him one last shot at life, I mean... in earning his place back in the DT. He spent a good month in my sump where I did my manual 5gal top offs. I don’t recall feeding him during his stay in solitary. He’s a fat and model citizen now. He no longer steals food from coral and spends his days hanging with his bff naso.

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