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Sold Green carpet nem ~9in - $150

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Mar 25, 2017
Selling my carpet, it’s an amazing specimen but I found out you can’t keep carpets with bta Nems, and I think I’d rather have btas. None the less it was actually pretty easy to take care of. As long as ur water is clean, good moderate flow, and good lighting. Your all set!
In my tank it gets about 9in pushing 10in diameter wise on its happy days. I have a 40b, I’d like to see it go to a bigger tank. If you have a 5ft plus tank I don’t have a doubt it won’t get a foot across and more.
I feed 1 piece of krill 3 time a week.
Pics attached

Price $150 if you are marsh guest
Price -$130 if you are a Paid Marsh member

PayPal to hold

His foot is attached to the bottom glass so it won’t be too hard to take him off. But I will need about 1 day to get him off.
Can meet either at fishland or OLA.

Text me at+18324551597 Lucas also plz send me your Marsh name so I can verify if you are a guest or paid member.

Thank you


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