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Gyre Placement in a 125 gallon tank.


Oct 6, 2015
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I have a 125 gallon tank reef and fish setup. I wanted to install gyre head and having difficult time choosing best spot to run them. My tank is 72" Long x 18" depth x 21 inches high. I have over flow in each corner so it only give me 10" glass on either side. I spoke to Carlos at maxspect and he said 130's on each side will not be affective for 72" long tank. I am now limited to moving my rock and placing a 150 in one back corner of tank. I don't know how effective this will be if it will be good. I may have to go with other type of heads like mp 40"s. Any input will be appreciated. I have 2 hydor Korlia pumps 1150 gph on back wall on each corner of tank now. I want to get rid of dead spots and want to gyrate and create wave motion in tank. I have mostly soft and lps corals but just put 4 sps on top. If I put 150 vertically will it move water around corner overflow ? Thanks John