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Help with new 22g long (1 Viewer)


May 6, 2020
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My nano reef didn't survive the power outages, so looking to start fresh. I had an AIO and am switching to a drilled/sump setup and was hoping you guys could help me with a few questions please. The tank is a mr aqua 22 long, so 36x12x12. Sump is reef octo 15a, and return pump is a varios 2.

1) I am going to install a fiji 600 gph external overflow. Its set up as a herbie overflow so 1 main drain and 1 emergency pipe. I want to keep a trickle in the emergency pipe so that its silent, but I'm going to use a reef octo 15a sump that only has 1 drain input. Do I tee the two drains into a single drain before the sump? Or do I let my emergency drain empty into the skimmer area and bypass the filter socks? In my freshwater set up, a trickle on the emergency pipe is more like constant flow, so is that ok to keep it unfiltered?
2) Since the tank is so long at 36" I'm not sure how to drill the return. Should I do a return on the end facing long ways and then a nero 3 on the other end? Or 2 center returns and 2 wave makers on each end?
3) any recommended skimmers for this size tank?

Thanks in advance!

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