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How and where to collect peppermint shrimp

Apr 28, 2003
Texas City
You can collect these shrimp down in Galveston along the Seawall.

Items to have: Bug Spray, dip net from Academy, flashlights, five gallon buckets with lids, battery operated air pump with air stone, towels.

Fishing license is optional and I have never had one for collecting. Truth be known, you will never be hassled about collecting shrimp in a net or anything else we collect for our tanks. I have even been asked by a game warden what I was collecting. I explained it to him just like I explain it to everyone else. He was amazed by the things we can collect for our tanks and not once mentioned a license. He was just curious like the others.

The dip net is the short handle ones that Academy sells, they have small green mesh netting with a metal bar running down the front of it to protect the net from the rocks.

I collect on the rock groin right in front of the Rainforest Café, though other rock groins are most likely just as good. Start about an hour after dark. Go down about halfway and pick a side, usually the side that is calmer. Plan on getting somewhat wet so wear some good water shoes. Be careful as most granite rocks will be slippery.

Fill your bucket up a little less than halfway as you will be carrying it around some. Hang the air pump on the side of it and start the bubbles. Take your flashlight and shine it in between the rocks and if the water is clear enough you will see the peppermints scurrying about. Do not shine it too long or they will go back into hiding.

Take your net and place in down into the water at the base of the rock you will collect on. Then drag it up the rock and out of the water. It should have the peppermints in it. Try and keep only the medium to large ones as you don’t want to get greedy.

With a little practice you will learn in no time how to catch the peps!

You will also collect blennies, snails and other critters. Go to this thread:


to learn what to keep and what not to keep.
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Apr 15, 2003
Bryan, Tx
Great write up Mark. Would it be possible to take pics of said equipment and possibly the jetties by Rainforest Cafe so people know where they are?


I will have the other article up in our "articles" section, along with this one for reference. I would like to compile all member articles into one section, including those of presentations.


Yes. When jetties were open last year I got a lot of peppermints at the Matagorda jetties. Rita knocked out the bridge to the rocks and as far as I know they are still closed.

Apr 11, 2006
Pearland, Texas
Where is the Dike you are talking about? Also, What is the process for
adding peppermint shrimp, snails,ect. to your tank? Any type of dipping or what? Please advise at dhayze@aol.com, I have never done this but would like some peppermint shrimp to add to my 125 G tank. Thanks
Apr 19, 2003
Onalaska, TX
Thought I would give a report.

I went 9/30/06 and there were still some peps around. I only got what I needed so I don't know if there was a bunch or not. I got one with just about every try so I think it's pretty good.

I went to the jetty across from the Signature Kroger and did not try any others. I started around 11pm.

The equipment I used was the net that is mentioned here, a bucket, battery powered air pump and one of those headlights that you get at Wal-Mart. (A great addition! Let's you keep both hands free and still see in your net.)

I seemed to have the best luck on the rough side. I found them usually between the cracks in the rocks. I found a few on the outside of the rocks but mainly between them.
Jul 1, 2004
Houston, Near Bellaire
Fishing License requirements

The Texas Dept. of Parks and Wildlife has this to say about collecting aquatic life in the State Waters of Texas.
You may have run across game wardens that are either unaware of thier own regulations or for whatever reason decide not to inforce them. As for me I'll buy the fishing license.

A recreational license is required of all residents and non-residents who takes or attempts to take any aquatic life in the public waters of Texas who are 17 years of age and older.

If you are wanting to collect these aquatic species, the department does offer a Scientific permit for educational purposes.

Please contact Jeannie Munoz at (512) 389-4491 for assistance in obtaining this permit.

If you have any questions or need information regarding recreational licenses, the License Team can be reached at 1-800-792-1112, Option 5, then 2 Monday through Friday from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm Central Standard Time.

Patsy Martinez
Corporate License Agent Coordinator


went to galveston on saturday night and got about 10-15 pepp's.

Someone told me that the "supposed" peppermint shrimp are really camelback shrimp. Is this true?
Sep 9, 2006
there are 2 types there.. im not sure what the other is.. i dont think it looks anything like teh camel back, i'll show a pic

the bottom shrimp is clearly a different kind.. just not sure what.. looks "better" than peps IMO


I've noticed that some of the shrimp have green insides and also have green sacs where their swimming legs are.
Sep 9, 2006
if inside the head, thats what they're eating "algae" it'll turn orange/red when you feed them flakes

the sacs are indeed eggs, mine hatch about every 2 weeks, used to be every 4-5 days but i've given so many away to members,
Aug 5, 2007
Great info! I can't wait to try this myself. My kids love the hobby as much as I do and when I tell them about actually catching their own animals to put in the tank will really blow them away! What else have you caught and put in your tank? Anything you caught that you would NOT put in your tank?