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How and where to collect peppermint shrimp

Jul 2, 2007
South Montgomery County
Well, as a matter of fact, during the last BOD meeting our MARSH Peppermint Collection trip to Galveston was discussed.
April 25st is the 1st Annual MARSH North of Spring Creek BBQ, Membership drive and FRAG SWAP. (register for a head count on burgers and dogs)

May, I think is when the Galveston Peppermint Shrimp Collection is scheduled. John or perhaps some other board member will jump in and correct me if I'm wrong. It is usually alot of fun and I love going with the folks that go every year and know where the "honey holes" are for locating excellent prizes. Advise on equipment is always reviewed right before the collection.
Some of our members are checking out the marshes too for other likely goodies.
There is of coarse the Port A trip in the summer time that is peppermint shrimp collection and a weekend of fun and fish.....
Stay posted and check the calendar for more info.


Lets go!

The hundreds we caught last time didn't last too long with the lions.

I got a puffer and two triggers that would love to feast on some nice peps!
Apr 28, 2007
Clear Lake
I believe I am going out to galveston tomorrow morning (8 AM) to try my luck. Anyone else that would like to join (maybe some experienced in collecting these shrimp and other things?) please PM me and maybe we can get together.
Aug 8, 2010
Pearland/Friendswood Border
Went out tonight and caught 10-15, not sure if they were all peps. Thru back a ton of Damselfish and Goby's. For some reason I thought the peps would be bigger, as soon as I tossed them into the tank about three swam right into my LTA. Haven't seen any of the others since I thru them in.
Aug 31, 2010
Webster, TX
attempting to go get some peps tonight...

thanks to the people before me who actually know how to do this!

and thanks again for writing it down and posting it here!

wish me luck...
Aug 21, 2009
NW Houston
May not have much luck tonight, there is a 60% chance of rain and the winds are about 12 mph. From what Mike13oy says, it needs to be pretty calm for them to come out. We only got 3 of them last time we went a couple of weeks ago.

Good luck!
Aug 31, 2010
Webster, TX
yeah...definately needs to be MUCH calmer before i go out there again...i got my butt kicked on the rocks...and i'm not a little guy by any means...

got some snails that i think are the bad kind, and a blennie...but nothing too interesting, we chased (there were 4 of us and a cooler full of beer) crabs around for most of the time because they were more interesting to the people from work that decided to tag along...

also, it was low tide, going out even so i think that my ahve something to do with the sargasm not being there...i'm gonna try again another "better" day