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I’m back again!

I’m back again! I was mostly out for about 2 years. I was diagnosed with cancer about 2 years ago. After a long treatment I am now cancer free!
During this time my tanks really suffered too. We also sold our house and moved from Katy to Brookshire.
I had Ocean Life move the 160g as there was no way I could.
I sold off most of my corals. The easy softies I kept went into a 28g cube. That tank was a success. I had hit and miss with FOWLR in the 160g.
Well, my wife, Bonnie and I decided it was time to move the live rock and softies from the 28g back to the 160g. I had some obstacles like high nitrates and old failing equipment to overcome. Over the past few months I replaced the equip that needed it and got my nitrates from over 50ppm to about 10-15ppm (Red Sea kit). Still a little high but manageable and dropping.
Today was the day to make the move.
First pic is the 160g yesterday.

Here is the 28g reef yesterday

Here is the 160g after the move.

BTW, if anyone has frags of any of the corals I’ve sold over the years, please let me know, I’d love to buy a few.

I’ll spare you the 28g pic. It’s cloudy right now. I did leave a 10lb live rock in. We are going to use it for a seahorse tank!

Thanks for reading!

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