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Ich ick season?

May 16, 2018
New York
Have many friends with ich
i started a similar thread on a different forum about a year ago seems like many people were having ich the same time a year ago as well

Yes i know people get it all year long but im thinking this is from the wild mass breakout infecting anyone thats buying fish now

How many people currently have ich

What do you do to treat and avoid ich

Feed well? (treat it like a cold)
Buy from a store that....

Cleaner wrasse
Neon goby
Cleaner shrimp

Hypo salinity?
Ich attack?

Hope & Pray?
Sep 4, 2016
Richmond, Texas
Googled it
And in your experience its not too stressful on the fish going back and fourth between tanks
From my experience they seem to get stressed when you have more than 1 fish when doing TTM. I lost a flame angel this morning on day 3 still in the first tank. The yellow angel that was in the tank with him is just fine. The YA was transferred to the second tank this morning.
I have also used chloroquine phosphate with great success, have not lost any fish when using CP. When using CP I do it in a 29g tank with marinepure blocks that have been sting in the sump for a while. The problems with CP is that you need a prescription and not all fish tolerate it.
Most of the fish that I have lost is within the first few days of quarantine before they are transferred to the second tank. I use 10g tanks for small fish. For larger fish I do CP treatment after getting them settled and eating which can take quite a few days.


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Mar 7, 2014
I have ich right now in my main tank. I am trying ruby reef Rally and their kick-ich l. Both are to be marine reef safe. I made the mistake of not doing QT.

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Reef Junkie T.V.
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Feb 4, 2014
League City
Ok...The ICH speech. :)

ICH is not something that magically appears at different times of the year. You either have it in your system or you don’t. If you do, it can become visible at certain times due to a number of things. We won’t get deep into that. ICH can be managed. So if you have it, it’s not the end of the world. We’ve all had it, and many of us still do. I currently don’t have it in my system at this point in time.

Every store in the area has it. Yes, every store. So finding a parasite free store in the Houston area isn’t possible.

Garlic and Ginger WILL NOT eliminate ICH.

A cleaner wrasse WILL NOT eliminate ICH.

A cleaner shrimp WILL NOT eliminate ICH.

Kick Ich, Ich Attack, etc...will not eliminate ICH.

So how do you deal with ICH?

QT all incoming fish and at the very least put them through an observation period. Or...QT & prophylactically treat all fish (my preferred method). If you didn’t QT or prophylactically treat your incoming fish and now you’ve recently found ICH in your system and want it gone....here’s a few bulletproof ways on how to accomplish that if done correctly.

3 solid ways to eliminate ICH:

(Go fallow with your DT and then treat the fish with one of the methods below)

1. Tank Transfer Method
2. Copper- Preferably Copper Power tested with Hanna copper checker.
3. Chloroquine Phosphate
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