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Live sale thread


Apr 16, 2017
Rules and Regulations:
1. You must create an account on our website to place a order.

2. We will post a frag every 2 mins or less on this thread with a link through our website. If you do not pay within 5 mins. of checking out, the coral will go back for sale.

3. First come, first serve basis. All purchases must be made through our website.

4. All shipping is $50, Unlimited items, Fedex Priority Overnight. We only ship to the Continental US. NO PUERTO RICO, HAWAII, or ALASKA SHIPPING.

5. No free shipping. YOU PAY SHIPPING IN CHECKOUT FOR YOUR FIRST PURCHASE. For every additional purchase, CHOOSE the "LOCAL PICK-UP" option during check out to avoid additional shipping charges.

6. No holding, no exceptions.

7. All Purchases are final. No returns and no exchanges.

8. No PMs or Emails will be answered during the live sale.

9. Due to the amount of people purchasing frags, two people can place orders for the same frag at once. We will honor the order that comes through our website first. The other person will get the same frag if available or a refund.

10. WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. NO PAYPAL DURING THE SALE. You can't use any gift certificates or discount codes during the live sale!