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Want to Buy Looking for easy starter LPS for wife's first tank (1 Viewer)


Oct 1, 2012
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I have been helping my wife set up her first tank and she is finally ready to start stocking with coral. We live about an hour south of Houston in Brazoria county so i am trying to see if i can set up enough coral that i can just go around on saturday and get what i can from MARSH members in one day.

We are looking for fairly easy LPS pieces for her to begin with, She is running 3 X15 G5 PRO radions and 4 bulb T-5 lighting on a 5 ft. tank so lighting should not hinder her options.

Anyone with a few frags they are willing to sell and would be available this Saturday please let me know. I would rather get coral from fellow members before going to Local stores.

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