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Sold LPS Coral!!!!

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Sep 9, 2008
Thinning out the collection.
These are mostly large pieces I've had for years, some the better part of a decade!

Pickup at my home in 77018 (Garden Oaks, 10 mins from FJW) or my office in the Montrose area 77019.
I have some sps too, but you'll have to come to the house to see that.

1. Blue Plate - At least 5" across - $60

2. Small Tangerine plate - 1.5" across - $40 - PENDING

3. Peachy-Lime plate - 2.5-3" Across - $50

4. Miami Lobo - 3+" across - $50

5. Pink/Blue Brain and Pale Green Brain - 4" across - SOLD

6. Goniopora frag - $25 - SOLD

7. Bright Green with Purple Tip torch. $10 per head. Extra included if you want more than three heads. Large colony needs fragging so just let me know how many heads you want. - SOLD

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Dec 18, 2018
I am not sure if that’s a Goni. For me it looks like a alvepora

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